19 Topics For IMS 2019

Posted on March 12, 2019

Words: Iain Thomson

Images: La Skimal

International Music Summit (IMS) announces its topics for 2019, ahead of its Ibiza gathering between May 22 and 24 2019 in Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. The premier platform for business, culture and education in the electronic dance calendar, IMS reveal 19 topics for 2019, ranging from the Mental Health crisis, one year on since Avicii and in light of the recent passing of Keith Flint to Clubland In Crisis and The Politics of dancing, to name just a few.

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Never slow in meeting the hard questions head on, IMS has built its foundation in delivering engaging panels that ask all the hard questions and involve key professionals from cross the industry. With just over a year since we lost Avicii and as the world comes to terms with the loss of another musical visionary, Keith Flint, IMS asks the question, What Have We Done To Protect Our Mental Health? The discussion will highlight the difficulties and realities of living life in the spotlight, offering practical advice on how to stay healthy and balanced. In a similar vein, DJ Magazine Presents… A Twist In My Sobriety, aiming at understanding the difficulties in remaining sober in an industry where may are not. Look out for leaders from across the genre who have made the conscious decision to manage their health and professional longevity.


Diversity On The Dancefloor is another topic that catches the eye, addressing how we bring back community and inclusion to electronic music. Mixmag will focus on the role of data and automated reasoning in new music recommendations in its Mixmag Presents… An Algorithm, A Person Or A Brand, Who Do You Trust The Most? There are numerous thought provoking and interesting debates to be had, with several provocative topics being examined front and centre. IMS co-founder Ben Turner states: Real issues once again dominate IMS. We will present the content very differently on the first day as we host two extended debates on Mental Health and Clubland in Crisis with multiple contributors from around the world. IMS strives to make change in the industry by its content and curation. The Keith Flint news has shaken our industry, almost a year on from the Avicii news. We hope this year to bring together all of the companies focusing on mental health including the Association for Electronic Music, to help find a way forward that can actually make a difference.”

• Avicii, Keith Flint…One Year, On What Have We Done To Protect
• Our Mental Health? Mental Health Crisis – Debate
• Clubland In Crisis – Extended Debate
• Big Data & ‘The Data Guide’
• Ghost Dancing! Ghost Production – A Necessary Evil?
• Investigating Intersectionality
• Streaming In The DJ Booth & The Annual Digital Debate
• The Politics Of Dancing
• Diversity On The Dance Floor
• Mixmag Presents…An Algorithim, A Person Or A Brand. Who Do You Trust The Most?
• Electronic Music & The Eastern Bloc
• Sensitivity Training Workshop
• Social Media Is Dead! Long Live Social Media
• Mixmag & IMS Present… The New Wave
• How To Create A Safer Clubbing Environment – Working Group
• How To Curate Balanced Line-Ups
• Areté Presents…Sustainable Touring
• Market Focus – The Palestinian Electronic Music Scene
• DJ Magazine Presents…A Twist In My Sobriety
• The Great Annual Ibiza Debate

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