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Destino Pacha Ibiza resort is much more than a luxury resort with a stunning view, it’s a world class party space with an imposing stage that welcomes more than its fair share of the world’s best DJs and producers. Located on the lofty peak of Cap Martinet, Destino enjoys a breathtaking view across to Ibiza town and beyond, offering a five star experience to all that enter.

Destino offers a stunning space for an outdoor gathering and is no stranger to inviting some of the biggest DJ and club brands to takeover its impresive open-air space poolside. This continues on 2019, with the opening party on May 30 featuring Music On. There are numerus options for upgrading your experience to VIP, from the tables surropunding the DJ booth enjoying the same view as the superstar DJs, a crowd of smiling faces staring back as the party evolves. With a selecrtion of beds around the pool also available, the only decision is what kind of experience you want to have. This is one of the best spots for enjoying an open-air party!

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There are several VIP options when it comes to Destino, from a chilled out space on the opposite side of the pool to the stage, where you can enjoy the performance but still carry on a conversation to tables surrounding the booth, on the elevated stage looking down on the dancefloor, where you feel very much a part of the party.

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