La Gaia

La Gaia is the gastronomic jewel in the crown of the deluxe five star Ibiza Gran Hotel. The stylish destination dinning experience boasts a unique Japeruvian cuisine, a menu created by chef Oscar Molina with inspiration also provided by Josep Maria Rodriguez, winner of the 2011 World Cup Bakery.

In the words of Oscar Molina, executive chef of Ibiza Gran Hotel and Casino de Ibiza. “The new proposal Gaia, ‘Japeruvian Cuisine’, relies on the Nikkei cuisine, which combines flavors and ingredients typical of Peru and Japan adding creative winks and drawing from the latest gastronomic trends. Dishes are especially designed for snacks and to share in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.” The La Gaia kitchen has been upgraded to give the specialised chefs the best equipment to deliver a variety of unique dishes from Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.

La Gaia also takes influence from Nikkei cuisine in its range of desserts, designed from fruits and ingredients typical of Japan and Peru and drizzled with high doses of creativity. Even the selection of cocktails has been adapted to the new concept of La Gaia, including typical spirits and mixtures of these two countries, such as the Pisco or Sake, among others. While the transformation in the kitchen has been crucial in this recent menu evolution, the space itself also has a new look and feel. The addition of a second bar gives the chefs a platform to showcase their talents to diners as they prepare their tasty creations in full view.