Because We’re Worth It: A Body Treatment At Ibiza Gran Hotel’s Open Spa

Posted on August 19, 2019

Words: Lara Young

Images: La Skimal

We may be a little biased but we truly believe that if you know where to go, Ibiza offers the best of everything. A perfect example is the Ibiza Gran Hotel in Marina Botafoch, which offers exquisite accommodation and incredible dining experiences as well as being home to both a casino and one of the island’s most sophisticated nightclubs. However, in the middle of high season it’s crucial that we talk about the luxury abode’s onsite spa; a sanctuary from the heat of the sun and the sounds of the beach clubs, and a place to restore and revive.

Invited to sample one of the beauty oasis’ latest wellness treatments and relax in the vast hydrotherapy area, it was time to indulge ourselves whilst pretending it was just another tough day at work! Ibiza Gran Hotel’s Open Spa is comprised of four zones dedicated to profound wellbeing: Open Experience, where blissful wellbeing therapies take place, Open Beauty, which specialises in hair and make-up services, the Open Aqua hydrotherapy area where you’ll find a haven of different water massage pools, a Turkish bath, sauna and salt inhalation room, and, finally, Open Fitness, a zone for serious gym lovers. All of these wellness areas are open to the public via the booking of one of the many divine Open Spa pampering treatments or the purchase of a day pass.

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Whilst we applaud the energetic fitness enthusiasts prepared to work off the carbs, we were here to try a more relaxed approach to fat-burning and detoxifying by sampling the new ‘Cryo Lipoliss Treatment’ with benefits including toning, cooling, combatting cellulite, firming, nourishing and hydrating the skin. This groundbreaking therapy takes between 50 minutes (working on one area) and 80 minutes (for two areas) as a sequence of purifying products from ANNE SEMONIN are applied to the target areas.

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Beginning with an optional exfoliation scrub, a Lipoliss Firming Body Serum was applied to prepare the area. It was followed by a Botanical Body Oil that is massaged into the skin using Cryo Balls. This specialist tool resembles chilled glass orbs that are rolled into the target area. This resulted in a cooling massage that travelled deep into the fat cells, aimed at breaking down any cellulite build up whilst relaxing the muscles beneath. The highly skilled therapist then performed an additional anti-cellulite hand massage on the area, which results in additional relaxation of the muscles and further detoxification.

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After repeating this on all target areas, a detoxifying mask was applied and given time to set, thus allowing penetration deep into the underlying tissue. After removal, a final Lipoliss Anti-Cellulite Gel was applied to leave the area invigorated and refreshed. All of the products used in this treatment are available to purchase from the Open Spa Reception alongside many other specialist ranges including Elemis, Ayuna Less Is Beauty and Linda Meredith Amazon.

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After our treatment, we were invited to relax in the Open Aqua area to enjoy a steam and sauna before sampling the range of water therapies in the various pools, before taking a meditative nap in the relaxation room. Another hard day in the office indeed! Time spent in this beautiful spa is perfect whether you are a couple enjoying time away, a group of friends looking for peace and restoration or you just want some alone time. Make some time in the busy summer schedule to treat yourself – we are all worth it after all!

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