IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar Continues To Wow Ibiza

Posted on August 19, 2019

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

In just two and a half summers, IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar’s White Isle outpost has effortlessly made its way to the top of our gourmet recommendation list. And after a recent dinner visit to the stylish Marina Botafoch eatery, we are happy to report that this is where it shall firmly remain in 2019. Located within the striking black and white cube structure of the Sir Joan hotel, which overlooks the entrance to the Ibiza Town’s illustrious ‘golden mile’ that runs alongside the cosmopolitan yacht harbour, it’s the perfect destination to finish a day at sea or begin your nocturnal adventures at nearby superclubs Pacha or HEART Ibiza in style!

Opening its doors on Ibiza in the summer of 2017, from day one the hip restaurant and bar has wowed the island’s discerning international visitors and residents alike with mouth-watering Japanese grill creations injected with South American influences, potent cocktails, outstanding service and an expertly curated music programme.  It’s a recipe for success that has seen the concept expand into Europe’s most exciting hotspots including Milan, Hamburg and Munich after starting out in Amsterdam. Making our way through the achingly cool hotel lobby and onto the breezy poolside terrace, we were excited to return and savour our all-time IZAKAYA favourites again as well as discovering new foodie treats.

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Nestled into one of the plush sofa booths framed by tropical banana plants and overlooking the glowing main building rising behind the blue waters of the pool, we began our night by perusing the extensive cocktail menu. Featuring many original IZAKAYA creations as well as an expertly curated selection of sake wines, we opted for the summery, tropical and sweet Cocomelon Cool non-alcoholic ‘mocktail’ made with watermelon juice, lime and coconut. Our second choice, the zesty and refreshing Yuzu Mule offered an IZAKAYA twist on the classic by adding Yuzu Sake and the Japanese Shochu spirit to the classic lime and ginger beer recipe.

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We soon realised that our welcoming waiter Vincent was a fountain of culinary knowledge and so we entrusted our meal in his expert hands, letting him choose the dishes for the night – bar a few unnegotiable requests of our favourites, more on which later! Luckily for us, IZAKAYA’s philosophy is about sharing small, Asian tapas style dishes to sample as many different flavours as possible! It wasn’t long before the first show-stopping dish arrived at our table, an IZAKAYA signature dish adapted from renowned sister restaurant Momo in Amsterdam. Holding a delicate portion of the finest ‘toro’ tuna tartar topped with a sprinkling of caviar, the Momori Ice Bowl – a round miniature version of an igloo – was presented to us. The carefully balanced sea flavours and silky textures paired with the imaginative presentation made this a spectacular starter for all senses!

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Next up were two of our all-time IZAKAYA favourites, which have become serious addictions and are known to cause fork fights across the table. We didn’t know it was possible to be excited about a salad, but the fresh baby spinach leaves drizzled in the most aromatic dry miso, parmesan and yuzu dressing topped with plump grilled king prawns changed this forever.  Meanwhile, the crispy rice cubes topped with spicy tuna tartar are a treat we would happily sell our soul for and it would be criminal not to try them when you’re dining at IZAKAYA.

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Completing our round of starters was a bowl of corn tempura fritters with two palette-teasing dips, and the succulent, luxurious scallop gyoza parcels served with a truffle sauce. Catering to our sonic pleasure was island talent Giio sound, who spun a mysterious and hypnotic deep house set that transported us to the exotic jungles of South America. Around us, the restaurant was filling up with a hip and fashionable crowd of culinary connoisseurs that included THE ENTOURAGE GROUP co-founder Yossi Eliyahoo and its managing director Stephanie Pearson, part of the renowned team behind the concept.

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Eagerly receiving the next round of mouth-watering plates, we continued our feast of fresh flavours and fine foods with a hearty yet buttery soft grilled beef tenderloin served with three different sauces: teriyaki, chimichurri and anticucho. While the quality of the meat is outstanding and can comfortably stand up on its own, the aromatic trio of salsas gave us thrice the flavour sensation from one delicious piece of meat – the ultimate treat for carnivores! A perfectly cooked fillet of cod in black bean sauce, silky and moist in texture and topped with a bronzed, crispy skin, sent the fish lovers on our table to seventh foodie heaven.

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Maintaining a show-stopping standard until the final course, our evening at IZAKAYA came to an end with the enticingly titled ‘chocolate explosion’. A generous bowl of dark chocolate filled with sweet treats like macarons, Japanese mochi halves, merengue pieces, dried red fruits and a passion fruit cream was brought out in a dramatic cloud of cold steam before being ceremoniously cracked open to spill out onto our plates by Vincent. For those special occasions where you really want to wow your guests or treat yourself to a world-class culinary experience, make sure you make a visit to IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar a hot priority during your time on Ibiza!

Further Information & Reservations
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