How Diynamic Do It With Label Manager Pete Oldak

Posted on August 19, 2019

Words: Kane Allen

Doing it yourself: the Diynamic way. A real underground label with a real global following, started by a champion of the underground: Solomun and founding partner Adriano Trolio. Although Diynamic has grown into one of biggest dance music brands in the world, its roots remain under low ceilings, in darkened rooms and on sweat covered walls.

Having expanded into throwing festivals and huge club takeovers on the island, across iconic dancefloors such as DC10 earlier this summer and at Amnesia on the 26th of August, alongside Joseph Capriati, the Diynamic roadshow shows no signs of slowing down. Label manager Pete Oldak has given an insight into just how they do it.

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Diynamic has taken its party concept all over the world, but what makes it special on Ibiza?

Certain regions of the world tend to have a certain type of crowd – if you are organizing an event in Sao Paulo or Bucharest, you can kind of anticipate the people a little. But a night out in Ibiza is like rolling the dice, because you can encounter an entirely different crowd any day of the year. That’s what makes it so exciting; for the party goers as well as the DJs and the organizers. In the last year Diynamic has opened its concept from only including agency artists to now also inviting friends and artists we admire, and we’re extremely excited to take this new concept to Ibiza, now with agency artists Solomun and Adriatique plus our guests Joseph Capriati and Renato Ratier.

Solomun, of course, has Pacha on Sundays, but are there any plans in the future for a full Diynamic season residency?

Currently there are no plans for a full Diynamic season concept in Ibiza, and we are very happy that this leaves us the capacity to focus on our Diynamic Festivals and label events in all parts of the world. New scenes are constantly popping up, places where electronic music does not have such a long standing history as in Ibiza, and we are excited to explore these opportunities with Diynamic.

Solomun +1 is one of the most popular parties in the world – can you give any secrets to its success? And how does Diynamic follow this model when hosting its standalone parties?

Solomun+1 events and Diynamic events are two entirely different concepts, so it’s not really about one following the other. Solomun+1’s concept is as simple as it is brilliant: a night out together with a friend. The concept of Diynamic events is always tailored to the places it is happening at because the artists we are inviting and the order they are playing in create the musical atmosphere; the venue, stage designs and light concept create the visual impressions; and we want all of these factors to take the local scene into account. This is the challenge that never allows our jobs to become boring.

What Diynamic releases should we listen out for this summer?

Out this Friday will be the “Picture: Adana Twins” that contains the track “My Computer (feat. Glowal)” – this one has seen an incredible hype, through Solomun’s Cercle set for example, or by being Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune on BBC Radio 1. In the early days when people didn’t know it was coming out on Diynamic some DJs even ripped it of YouTube and played it in their sets, which is of course one of the greatest compliments you can receive.

How does Diynamic find new talent fit for the label?

There are so many talented DJs and producers out there, and equally many different ways of stumbling across them. Receiving demos from them directly to our demo address, by personal recommendations from friends, videos on social media, watching them on other events… you name it.

How does it feel to be able to take over a club as iconic as Amnesia?

One of the most iconic and well known clubs in the world with such a rich history – it’s an incredible honour! Hosting legends like Prince, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin or Bob Marley in the early days and today pretty much all of the greats of electronic music – we’re happy to become part of this legacy.

What’s been your best Diynamic Ibiza highlight over the years?

I’d have to say my first season working for Diynamic, which was 2014. It was the first time for me to be coming to Ibiza and we had just created the “Diynamic Outdoor” concept. Seeing the island for the first time, all these diverse venues, clubs, beaches restaurants and above all extremely exciting people, many of which have become good friends over the years. Ibiza is a very unique place, and it takes a moment to grasp how it functions. At the first glance, it might seem messy, but once you understand it, there is an inherent beauty to it.

Diynamic rolls into Amnesia on Monday, August 26th, where label-head Solomun is joined by Swiss-duo Adriatique, Warung Beach Club resident Renato Ratier and a very special guest in Joseph Capriati, who makes return to Amnesia after a four-year break. It’s going to be one of the highlights of the season. Don’t miss-out.

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