Cassy’s Playful Ibiza Revolution

Posted on August 15, 2019

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

Additional Images By Phrank.

On an island currently dominated by huge billboards vying for your attendance with attention-grabbing headliners, British selector Cassy is leading a quiet love revolution – a love for music and good vibes, that is. After playing at the iconic Pacha for the first time in 2006, this summer she is proudly hosting her very own residency in the venue’s onsite mini club Pachacha. Titled Cassy’s Play House, the concept invites clubbers to step inside and hang out, have fun and lose themselves on a sonic journey exclusively led by its frontwoman on most nights.

During a summer where seemingly the whole of Ibiza seems to bemoan the loss of the ‘good old days’, when parties used to be a carefree, joyful celebration of music instead of VIP culture and selfies, Cassy is taking things back to the basics with a night ‘based on atmosphere instead of headliners’. A dynamic, passionate DJ who has played some of the island’s most renowned events, she is the perfect woman to ring in some much-needed change.

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A self-confessed lover of all things colourful, we met Cassy at the gorgeous and eclectic boutique hotel Los Enamorados in Portinatx, a romantic and luxurious bolthole perfect to escape the hustle and bustle of high season Ibiza. Opening its doors in 2016, the property’s eclectic vintage style full of vibrant hues and textures perfectly suits Cassy’s warm and outgoing personality. She admits, “I just love colours. To be honest, I also love black when it’s a fashion statement and it’s something that looks good on a lot of people, but when everyone is wearing it, it’s a bit depressing. It just looks sad when you go to a party and it looks like a funeral!” Over the course of a relaxed morning spent drinking coffee and fresh juices on Los Enamorado’s beautiful sea-facing terrace, we chat to Cassy about all things club culture, the importance of authenticity and the dawn of a new era on the White Isle…

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Thanks for meeting us here, Cassy! How has you summer been going with Play House?
It’s been great, but my friend [and collaborator] Liz and I are living Ibiza in a completely different way. We are extremely occupied – and preoccupied – every week as our Ibiza life now revolves around the party! It’s really cool, but also very challenging. But it’s good to see people want to come to your party because it’s cool, and not because you have 50,000 headliners.

There seems to be a bit of backlash against the way Ibiza’s club culture has developed over the past decade…
I feel like the party scene has become very formulaic and modernised and the crowds aren’t as eclectic and mixed as they used to be. The happiness and lightness is not there anymore. The place to be used to be the underground, and now it’s all about being in the ‘super VIP’ area – and that to me isn’t what Ibiza is about. People just got too greedy and I think we need to start from scratch again and focus on what’s important. I’m doing this because I love playing music and to me, it’s not my profession but my vocation. I’m very lucky that I found something that I’m very good at and that means a lot to me.

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We hear a lot that the atmosphere that has made Ibiza famous as a destination has been lost – partly because of our need to document everything on social media.
For me, parties have always been about losing yourself in the music, dance and forget about everything that has been going on. But over the last ten years, there have been times when I found myself very stressed when I was playing because I had to cater to certain things or people where worried about looking a certain way. Nowadays, there are so many implants and duck lips around and it’s so weird to me how early young people start with cosmetic surgery. In my opinion, you can’t live a life that looks good on screen. That’s not what will make you happy. Ibiza was never a trend. It was a place that was celebrated by a certain few around the world because of its beauty and vibe. And I wish we could go back to that.

You play all night long at Play House except for a few special guests. Is it more fun for you as a DJ?
Of course it’s more fun to be able to take clubbers on a musical journey rather than having to restrict your set into an hour or an hour-and-a-half slot. But we wanted to build a night that is based on atmosphere and not on DJ line-ups. I wanted to get to a place where regardless of who is playing it’s going to be cool, so we didn’t want to release a line-up at the beginning of the season. But sometimes I invite people to join me.

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So you’re taking things back to the basics in order to move forward? You seem to be ahead of the curve with that approach!
I have just always been really uncomfortable with the common place, because I think there is a bad dynamic in that. It’s hard to explain, but when things become a bit too successful and too evolved, they also become a bit bland.

What first got you into DJing and what music inspired you?
Music has always been the most important thing for me. I just loved listening to music from a young age. When I was a child I was listening to a lot of classical music and all sorts of bands, like Spandau Ballet, A Flock of Seagulls, The Stranglers and WHAM! The Madness was the first record I ever bought and I still listen to them now. Basically, all ’80s bands! I was also into rock and heavy metal. This is why I love to play techno as much as I love playing house. The genres are blending into each other a little bit more now, anyway, which is a good thing.

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What do you like to do to unwind?
Right now, I started to play tennis and it’s the first time I’ve had a hobby in my life. I’ve been wanting to take it back up for years. It’s super good cardio, it’s fun because it’s a bit competitive and it’s a sport you can do with other people. With the hours I’m working I have to make sure I’m physically strong. I travel out of Ibiza every weekend and it’s full on. Exercise really saves me when I’m on the road or when I’m super busy.

Ibiza is a very spiritual place. Is that something you are interested in, too?
Yes, I’m super new age! I started meditating and I do a lot of healing practices. I also read a lot on these subjects. I even have some crystal sound bowls, but I don’t do it enough because I don’t have enough time. I also have a four-year-old son and they are really expensive, so I’m not too comfortable having them out. But I find them super soothing and they get a lot of stuff out of your system.

Catch Cassy at her Play House every Thursday night at Pacha until October 3rd. To stay up to date with the latest news, follow Cassy on Facebook, Instagram or Soundcloud.For more information on Los Enamorados visit or check out the venue’s gorgeous Instagram @losenamoradosibiza.

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