Ibiza Car Hire

Car Hire is an important part of an Ibiza holiday for those that want the freedom to explore this beautiful island. When considering our options for partners in the Essential Car Hire platform, one name constantly came top of the list when we thought about the people behind the concept, the service and the options and that is Moto Luis. A family run business that has seen it evolve from a small moped hiring operation in 1956 to one of the most comprehensive on the island today. Most importantly for us, Moto Luis is steeped in island history, has a real sense of what people are looking for and has a friendly face when it comes to dealing with clients. We want Essentialibiza clients to have a stress free car hire experience, safe that any problems that do surface can be handled professionally and we couldn't see anyone with the experience and customer service that matched Moto Luis. From the minute you arrive at the airport until you drop the car off as you get set to return home, this is the company that we recommend and are happy to trust with the happiness of our clients.

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