Ibiza International Brands

Ibiza is widely recognized as the world's clubbing capital, in fact a recent CNN report named it as the finest nightlife destination on the planet, the Ibiza summer season may only be a few months long but it manages to cram enough of the best events into that space in time to attract a loyal army of clubbers year on year from all over the clubbing world. More recently the influx of high-end restaurateurs has seen a whole new type of Ibiza tourist. But while the elite of the clubbing world - DJs, artists, labels and brands - call the island home for the summer, the island influence lasts much longer and goes much further than just that season.

Off the island, Ibiza brands can be seen throughout the world, keeping up with a demanding touring schedule as clubs all over vie for a chance to host the big Ibiza parties. From DC10 to Pacha, from Pukka Up to Cafe Mambo, Ibiza is big business all year round. Some of the Ibiza brands have gone a step further and branched out into new regions, Pacha can be found in multiple destinations around the globe, so too Space, and Blue Marlin Ibiza has enjoyed great success with its concept in UAE. There is no doubt about it Ibiza is big news as a brand in its own right and is welcomed with open arms at countless destinations worldwide.

The Ibiza event is something that has always attracted attention while on tour and there are numerous examples of that continued success. International Music Summit, an idea born in Ibiza, has now successfully launched ion Los Angeles and more recently Singapore for IMS Asia Pacific. Ibiza Xperience brings the flavour of the island to Amsterdam as some of the Ibiza favourites join in and showcase what is great about the island, to one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet. The big Ibiza parties and DJs can also be found at all of the major international conferences that strive to ensure the longevity of the scene we love, from Rio to Amsterdam and Miami to Singapore. We love to cover Ibiza activity wherever it is in the world, bringing you all the information and action as Ibiza continues to dominate lifestyle and clubbing headlines.