Privilege Ibiza VIP

Privilege started life as Ku, an open-air swimming pool that would become the biggest club in the world. During the ’80s it was the largest disco in Europe, compared to New York’s legendary Studio 54 and every bit as hedonistic and outrageous. It featured heavily in the early tales of club life on the island and would later become known as Privilege. It remains the biggest club in the world and an integral part of club life in Ibiza. The venue played its part in the island becoming the capital of world clubbing and still hosts some of the finest parties during the summer season.

It is one of the Ibiza venues that can still realistically claim to hold on to that original Ibiza spirit. Located towards the centre of the island, in San Rafael, it is a popular destination for cosmopolitan clubbers from all over the world as well as numerous celebrities. The likes of P Diddy, Jean Paul Gaultier and Madonna have all been visitors in the past and Privilege remains as popular with the world’s A-listers. It is also home to many of the world’s top DJ’s, who all showcase their talent in the huge venue on a weekly basis.

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Solid Grooves

After a successful first year at Sankeys, popular London label and party Solid Grooves are back, this season in Vista Club at Privilege. Taking place every Thursday from June 9th until August 25th, Solid Grooves will once again provide the very best combo of tech and house sounds while watching the sun rise over the hills of San Rafael in the glass pyramid of the Vista Club.

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Probably the most flambouyant party on the island. Supermartxe offers a weekly peak behind the curtain to a fabulous world where lavish production, extravagant decoration and eccentricity is embraced as the new normal. This is the night where anything can and invariably does happen, leave our inhibitions at the door and prepare to have your mind opened! Supermartxe is one of the most famous Ibiza parties, the one that embodies the original party vibe more than any other, where risks are taken, where theatre is integral in the party and where fashion, glamour and music meet each other head on in an explosion of fun!

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Price guide

Price guide

Please csubmit a request for prices. Privilege determine prices on a date, club night, number of people and an area basis. So each night can be priced different. As an Approximate guide prices can start from €200 – €250 per person (Black Area). This will include your minimum spend on alcohol for the night (the price you pay per person also includes you’re entry and your table for the night)

  • GOLD AREA – Tables in front of the stage / DJ
  • SILVER AREA – Second line behind the Top tables front view
  • WHITE AREA – Stage balcony. You can also rent the complete WHITE AREA for a max of 25 guests
  • BLACK AREA – First line and this is your entry level VIP for Privilege

The lowdown

What you need to know

  • Essential Ibiza Charge 15% booking fee on all bookings.
  • Payment is by Bank Transfer to the Essential Ibiza UK Bank Account at Barclays Bank, London.
  • You can also pay using credit card. This has an additional 5% charge to cover transaction costs.
  • You will receive 1 bottle of drink and mixers per 2 people in addition to your VIP entry and your table for the entire night and if your group size is an odd number (3 or 5 for example) you will receive drink up to the value you have paid for your table.
  • The cost of the table is to be paid 100% up front at time of booking.
  • Bottle Size is a standard sized bottle of NON Premium Spirits (Vodka, Gin, etc) depending on your preference and you will also receive unlimited mixers.

Rules of the house


  • Entrance prohibited to all persons under 18 years of age.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic substance.
  • Anyone exhibiting violent or disorderly behaviour.