Ibiza VIP Services

There is no better way to enjoy Ibiza than as a VIP. Whether you want the best table in the club, a table at the hard to book restaurant, luxury transfers throughout the island or to charter one of the island’s finest boats, Essential Ibiza VIP is the only call you have to make.

We have up to the minute information on the places to be seen and can ensure that you are treated like a rock star wherever you choose to spend your time.

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VIP Club Tables

There’s nothing better than skipping the huge queue and entering the club through the red velvet rope. From your own designated table and drink to the extra space and VIP toilets, the table is the best option for getting the most from your club experience, especially at the height of the season when the clubs are too busy to even dance! If there is a large group, the VIP take can actually be the most economically viable.

Ibiza VIP Transport

From airport transfers to keeping your group together for that special day or night out, our VIP transport service can accommodate large groups with luxury vehicles to make sure your trip goes without a hitch. There’s nothing worse than splitting the group up as you head out for the night or waiting for over an hour to get everyone back home after the party, the VIP transportation service takes care of that, leaving you free to enjoy yourselves.

Ibiza Villas

Ibiza is blessed with some of the most spectacular villas, available to rent for the duration of your trip. Whether you prefer the tranquility of the countryside, the rhythm of the ocean or the breathtaking scenery from the cliffs around the island, there is a villa to suit every need. From small families to large groups, renting the right Ibiza villa can ensure that you and your party has the best Ibiza holiday. Essentialibiza is perfectly placed to advise you on the best villa for your needs and help secure it.

Ibiza Stag Party

When it comes to the stag party, the pressure is on for the best man to deliver, let Essentialibiza turn you into a hero amongst the rest of the guests as we offer you the inside track on the island. We can organise your day and night to make sure that the groom and all of his friends have the best adventure possible. Whether you want a few days partying without sleep or are looking for a more planned stag, we have the experience and the connections to make sure everything is taken care of.

Ibiza Hen Party

Ibiza is uniquely able to accommodate both stag and hen parties, given that they normally look for completely different experiences when landing on the island. Whatever your heart is set on for your trip, Essentialibiza has the experience to advise and deliver, giving you the perfect sendoff to your new life. From the day at the world class spa to the hair and make up makeover before the club, our network of professionals on the island will make sure that your every need is taken care of.

Ibiza Wedding

It’s the biggest event of your life and, given that our team has two members that planned and had their own wedding on the island, we know everything that you need to make the day an unforgettable one. We are uniquely placed to advise you on choices for your big day, from the location to the menu to the after party, whatever you need we have the contacts to provide. We are acutely aware that this is the biggest day for the couple and the group on the island to celebrate the joining, we have years of experience and a book full of testimonials from satisfied couples whose expectations we have exceeded.

Ibiza Beach Clubs

The beach club is the latest phenomenon on the island, with more and more world-class venues popping up throughout Ibiza. Securing the finest beds or cabanas makes for a relaxing day on the beach listening to some of the best island resident DJs where you can order food and drink without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Ibiza Boat Charter

Chartering a boat has become a popular part of the Ibiza adventure, getting out onto the Mediterranean and exploring the coastline of the island makes for a memorable day out and there are numerous options that won’t break the bank. As an island, Ibiza is blessed with some spectacular coastline, countless hidden beaches, secret coves and crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming in, most of the tourists that visit the island each summer don’t venture off dry land, so, the ones that do, get to experience a truly unique side of the island, enjoying a day out that they will never forget.

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The Lowdown

The Lowdown

Ibiza is an island that can make your dreams comes true, whether you have a simple desire to catch your favourite DJ in an iconic Ibiza venue or enjoy the finest five star treatment behind the velvet ropes of the island’s numerous VIP experiences. During the summer season, clubbers descend on the island from all over the world, each with a completely unique idea of what the perfect holiday brings, here at Essentialibiza, we are pride ourselves in making everyone of those dreams can come true.

The VIP experience in Ibiza is as varied as it is exclusive, from a table for two on a deserted beach dining under the stars to the owners table at Blue Marlin Ibiza, one of the world’s most exclusive beach clubs. Accommodation plays a major part in your holiday and having the right base is crucial to your Ibiza adventure, and once again the choices are varied, from the stunning luxury villa with private pool and view of the famous Ibiza sunset to a country retreat fit for royalty or a suite in one of the island’s exclusive hotels, where the party is only an elevator ride away and where you pass superstar DJs on the way to breakfast! Landing on the island for the first time, you will experience the unique atmosphere and, like everyone, you will be excited to get your holiday under way. Instead of standing for an hour or two in the height of the summer sun, our VIP car service will have you into an air-conditioned luxury vehicle and on your way to your accommodation while the suitcases are still travelling around the belt!

NB: We charge a 15% concierge fee for making you VIP booking.



In Ibiza, the VIP experience is not restricted to the clubs at night, the island is blessed with an array of world class beach clubs that all have a VIP experience waiting for you to enjoy. First decision is, how do you want to arrive, in a blacked out, air conditioned private car, a luxury people carrier or by sea in one of our exclusive boats? The beach club is the perfect place to make a dramatic entrance. Once inside there are several options, depending on what experience you are looking for. From the luxury of a lounger/ day bed on the beach/ day bed in the pool or cabana, depending on where you are headed. There are also luxury booths and tables that put you in the heart of the action when the lights go down.

NB: We charge a 15% concierge fee for making you VIP booking.



Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world and as such attracts all the big DJs and brands to some of the most iconic venues on the planet. During the summer, as the outside world invades the island, the clubs reach capacity and the best place to enjoy your experience is from the comfort of the VIP, where you have your own space, table and VIP toilets and can drop in and out of the craziness on the dancefloor whenever you please. The clubs charge a minimum spend for the VIP experience, for example Pacha charges €200 per person every night of the week and this covers VIP entry, VIP table, waitress, alcohol and mixers paid in advance.

NB: We charge a 15% concierge fee for making you VIP booking.