Coricancha is the latest concept from celebrated lifestyle group Blue Marlin Ibiza. Located overlooking the salt flats of Salinas Nature reserve it offers its international clientele a mouth-watering Nikkei cuisine, a mixture of Japanese and Peruvian gastronomy.

As with all of the Blue Marlin Ibiza concepts, Coricancha wasted no time in endearing itself to residents and visitors alike, the lounge bar, moonlight garden, sunset terrace and private dining area offering a range of experiences to be enjoyed. Coricancha, or ‘Temple Of The Sun’ refers to the Inca temples of Cusco, Peru, where sun God Inti was worshipped, and offers diners a unique experience as day turns to night and an authentic gastronomic adventure awaits. According to an old Inca myth, the sun god Inti, married to his sister the Moon, sent their two children to teach men how to cultivate the land and to care for animals. Out of this mission Coricancha was born, a tribute to wisdom, homage to the Earth, the reign of a power, which remains dormant today. For a truly spectacular dining experience in other worldly surroundings, this is a must try.