Pete Tong And Bedouin Go Back To Back At IMS Dalt Vila

Posted on April 4, 2018

Words: Iain Thomson

Friday May 25 sees IMS return to Unesco World Heritage site Dalt Vila for the finale of the 2018 International Music Summit. The latest grand finale will be a celebration that features some of the most exciting international artists going back to back. There are some very interesting pairings to look forward to – Jackmaster and Peggy Gou, Dubfire and Nastia, Danny Tenaglia and Guy Gerber, Paco Osuna and Andrea Olivia and Pete Tong and Bedouin.

The Pete Tong and Bedouin back to back was one that caught our attention; one is a founding member of the IMS and a champion of new talent and music that has played an integral part in the evolution of the dance music industry worldwide, as well as an accomplished artist and the other a duo that has taken the clubbing capital by storm with one of the most successful season residency debuts of all time in SAGA at HEART Ibiza. To celebrate the forthcoming back to back we asked each artist a few questions on the other…

IMS Dalt Vila Bedouin -01

When was the first time you became aware of Bedouin and what was it that caught your attention?
Damian Lazarus and many friends were talking about them to me. Burning man types Tuluminati… As soon as I heard them play I could hear they were onto something different.

What’s the most important element in making a back to back work?
Thinking out the box and keeping the crowd moving and into it – it’s no use pulling one way then the other, you have to get on a wavelength with the other DJ(s), the people need to be with you.

You dropped in to the Saga closing party in Heart Ibiza last summer, what was your impression of the new party?
I think they built a very cool party by the end of the season. They had some great guests but it was the general reputation of the party, consistency week after week that made it such a big hit. Socially it was definitely a place to see and be seen. A big achievement with one of the islands biggest parties just a few hundred yards away. Sunday is the new Saturday!! I think Bedouin’s DJing morphed through the season as well – they grew with the party. Residencies take time it’s a totally different type of DJing to being a guest.

IMS Dalt Vila

How aware were you of Pete Tong’s Essential Selection as an artist making your way and what kind of impact did it have on you?

Both: We have both been listening to Pete Tong’s show for over 12 years and it was indeed an incredible moment for us when he asked us to record our first essential mix. What we have always loved most about Pete’s Essential Selection is that he always picks who he finds to be the best of different genres every week with no bias or politics. He truly supports new as well as established artists to give them a well-respected platform to be featured through.

Tamer: Since my FM radio days. I used to work in the production department and we used to syndicate Pete Tong’s show from the BBC. At that time I was also DJing on weekends and of course always digging for new tunes and his show was certainly a reference to me that made me feel up to date with whatever is happening musically out there. This was pre-internet, Soundcloud and Youtube…

IMS Dalt Vila Pete-Tong-2867

What’s the most important element in making a back to back work?
Tamer: I believe it’s really about listening and being fully immersed in that moment then reacting and complimenting based on what’s being played, the crowd, energy level and vibe in general.

Rami: Musical style is a lot like different languages around the world, so it’s important to have a partner that you can communicate musically with. If you can understand each other than the rest is easy.

What does it mean to be playing back to back with Pete Tong on the IMS Finale stage in Dalt Vila?
Both: It’s an honour for us to share the decks with Pete at such a great event like IMS. We’re sure this will be a special one.

IMS Dalt Vila Pete-Tong