Heart Beat With Wally Lopez

Posted on June 27, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Images: Andrei Oprescu

Spain boasts some of the most exciting and innovative DJs on the international circuit and, while having the clubbing capital on your doorstep doesn’t do any harm, the current crop of artists owe a debt of gratitude to their compatriots that blazed a trail before them. One such pioneer is Wall Lopez, the man with the huge colourful glasses and ear to ear grin; Factoria Records boss and a producer and DJ that has made a significant contribution to the global scene in the last two decades.

Wally Lopez has played his own brand of house at respected parties all over the club world. He has shared the booth with all of the greats, his tracks have held pride of place in record boxes back in the day and electronic playlists more recently. Having enjoyed a love affair with Ibiza throughout his tenure at the top of his craft, he is no stranger to occupying the booth in an exciting Ibiza gathering. Ibiza 2017 sees the talented spinner take control of the HEART Ibiza Friday night – Heart Beat. With a strong turn-out for the opening party, Wally has a series of dates packed with legends and hot new talent as he looks to bring some great beats and fun into the start of the weekend. We caught up with the talented artist to get the insight into what we can expect from Heart Beat this summer…


Heart Beat is the latest addition to the HEART Ibiza schedule, what can we expect from the new party?
Lots of talent, good music and feelings that we know how to do after so many years doing it in the island.

As the man responsible for spearheading the event, who will you be sharing the booth with throughout the summer?
People that I love and respect such as legends like Sandy Rivera, Darren Emerson, Marshall Jefferson, Dave Seaman, Gene Farris or great DJ/producers as Lou Lou Players, Timid Boy and The DeepShakerz.

You’ve been involved with some of Ibiza’s best parties, how challenging is it to bring a new concept to the island’s attention?
It’s an amazing challenge that I love to accept… after 25 years in the industry i have reinvented myself so many times and didn’t want to go to a classic club to be honest. HEART Ibiza is so different, so cool, so artistic and it was the only place I could do a new thing.

Heart Beat Opening by Andrei Oprescu

Does the fact that HEART Ibiza has established itself as one the island’s most innovative venues offer a strong foundation before you launch?
Of course! They have worked hard and done a great job I the last two years and it feels like this year is THE year for them. After we announced this residency I know several DJs that want to quit their places to come here! For me and for HEART that is amazing, we are the place to be.

HEART Ibiza is known for its visual appeal, as someone that has spectacles for every occasion, do you have something special in mind for the party?
Green colour everywhere (lol) We have of course special mapping for the party, some floor confetti and one pair of huge green glasses at the entrance but the most import thing is the great people who come to dance with us every Friday.

Heart Beat Opening by Andrei Oprescu

As an Ibiza veteran (sorry), do you still get excited ahead of a new launch? What are you looking forward to most from Heart Beat?
I’m proud to be a veteran! When i began i never dreamt it so, it is amazing! Of course, I’m so excited! I’m looking forward to make everyone that visits us on Friday, very happy. We want to take care of the Ibiza residents and workers, to make HEART Ibiza proud of Heart Beat and for myself being happy in Ibiza again.

When you’re not in the booth, how do you make the most of your time in Ibiza?
I love the day time! Some great and small calas or hidden in Formentera.

Heart Beat Opening by Andrei Oprescu