Dubfire Rocks Showtime Sunday

Posted on July 22, 2015

Words: Graham Currie
Images: Hrvoje Slebur

Partying under the stars is one of the few consistent links that Ibiza has to its much fabled past where impromptu beach parties were the norm. Nowadays, the outdoor party is a little less spontaneous but no less fun. There’s something magical about starting your dancefloor journey in the light and dancing through sunset into the night. Over the last decade there is one venue that has consistently delivered when it comes to the outdoors, a place where live music and cutting edge DJs feel at home – Blue Marin Ibiza. The world famous beach concept has evolved from a stylish beach destination to a global brand, where a level of quality is expected and more often than not exceeded. The toughest decision when it comes to Blue Marlin Ibiza is which day to visit; such is the strength in depth of its weekly schedule. Sunday has always had a special appeal on Cala Jondal and the new Showtime Sunday concept has seen the established party jump a level or two, case in point was Sunday July 19 when Dubfire and his Sci + Tec label took over the outdoor booth.

SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 05
SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 06

There are a few venues in Ibiza that have an ability to get the clubbing butterflies in the stomach fluttering even before you reach the front door! Driving around the winding road that leads to Cala Jondal, we were happily chatting about the afternoon/ night that lay ahead, building to a crescendo when we reached the top of the hill that leads to the turning for Blue Marlin Ibiza and got our first sight of the glistening waters in front of the beach concept. We are not Blue Marlin Ibiza virgins, we have enjoyed the unique vibe of its outdoor party on numerous occasions before but we were en route to check out Dubfire, one of the true innovators of the last two decades and we couldn’t wait! There were a few people waiting to get in but it wasn’t long before we made our way through the chic lounge and into the terrace area, where Sossa was in charge of the booth, dropping some delicious deep beats for an appreciative crowd that was already filing the floor. Blue Marlin Ibiza boasts a cosmopolitan crowd where professional and creative types mix with music and fashion lovers from all over the world to produce a truly unique atmosphere.

SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 09
SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 13

Sci + Tec has been an inspirational label, offering countless talented producers a home and showcasing some of the finest electronic music throughout its tenure. Representing the label on the live front was Shaded, a prolific producer that clearly has an acute understanding of what makes us dance as he breezed through his performance, with most recent nuggets Electric Auto Pitch and Gender Bender offering personal high points. There’s a cool breeze washing across the beach club, which, combined with the refreshing spray that spontaneously bursts over the dancefloor offers some respite from the heat. Blue Marlin Ibiza is packed long before the sun goes down, if Showtime Sunday is something you have on your Ibiza bucket list, top tip would be get to the beach early, book a table for lunch and enjoy the build up of the afternoon. Dubfire takes over the booth next and plays through the sunset, expertly guiding the party from day into night mode. His contribution to the global scene has been many and varied, from countless solo productions, his Sci + Tec label, his work as part of dominating duo Deep Dish and the more recent his HYBRID live performances that have wowed festival goers already this year! When you strip away all of the accolades, the innovations and the commercial success, what you find at the heart of it all is a talented DJ/producer that has a passion for what he does. He wastes no time in taking control of the floor and then spends the next two hours taking us on a musical journey filled with chunky beats, bone shaking basslines, emotive vocals and hypnotic loops before handing over to Carlo Lio for the last part of the night.

SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 15
SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 17

Blue Marlin Ibiza has exceeded all expectations once again, not a major surprise to us to be fair, you don’t become one of the most recognisable lifestyle brands on the world by constantly striving for the ordinary. A visit to Cala Jondal is a must for anyone that looks for something a little special from their clubbing experience. From the laid back vibe of the afternoon, when its residents set the party up perfectly to the roof-raising (if it had one) climax of the party, it’s an experience that will live long in the memory. Showtime Sunday is still a major attraction but have a look at the schedule, there are talented DJ/ producers and performers to be found every day. As always there’s a reluctance to end the party, it’s like catching up with a long lost old friend only to leave them just a few hours later! The only consolation is that we have another Ibiza trip penned in before the summer ends so we will be back!

SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 20
SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 21
SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 22
SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 23
SCI + TEC Blue Marlin Ibiza 26