The Girls Of Paradise

Posted on September 26, 2013

Words: Charlotte Kennedy
Images: Nic J.

Paradise party with Jamie Jones and Hot Creations has made quite mark on the White Isle. Inspired by the original Paradise Garage that dominated the New York club scene between 1977 – 1987, not to mention launching a music genre that would spread throughout the world and influence generations to come, it was quite simply the largest and most powerful expression of the original disco spirit. The space was literally a refurbished garage, with no air-conditioning or central heating; it didn’t sell alcohol, which meant it could stay open after bar hours, often until noon the next morning. But it had an incredible sound system. Known for its marathon Saturday night sets, the club’s disciples came to dance, not to drink or pose while gospel/diva voices preached love. The former Paradise Garage at 84 King Street is now just a garage again, but the legend lives on in the Balearics where Jamie Jones and Hot Creations created a party that remembers the time of the disco legend, where once more the party people can come to dance.

Paradise Girls

Paradise at DC10 is my favorite party of the week; I love the music, the energy, and the atmosphere. But most of all I love the dancers, their costumes challenge most other parties on the island, one by one each girl takes center stage (on the edge of the DJ booth) in their ice blue hooded one pieces, metallic jackets and mirrored tops, armored up and ready for disco. They create a burst of electricity throughout the party; the most fabulous lightening bolts you have ever witnessed. The paradise dancers, in my opinion, are the best dressed on the White Isle. Kim Knowlan, designer and stylist has one of the most sought after jobs on the island; she is the lady behind the look of the dancers. I caught up with her to find out what inspired her to create costumes for what is fast becoming a legendary party…

Paradise Girls

What/where did you study?
I studied fashion at University in England.

How did your Ibiza journey begin?
I came to Ibiza for the first time 11 years ago and fell in love with the island instantly. I came back every summer from then on. It will always be a second home to me. The island has such a special energy, holds so many amazing memories for me and always continues to inspire.

How did you get involved with Paradise?
I met Jamie about 10 years ago in Ibiza at an after party during my first full season here and we have been friends ever since. When Jamie started working on his initial ideas for his own night at DC10, I was working as a freelance stylist and as Creative Director of the vintage clothing boutique ‘Lucy In Disguise’ and he asked for my advice as to how the look of the party should be as he was keen for it to be a different experience from other nights held on the island. I thought that dancers with a fashion forward look would be an important addition to the night.

Paradise Girls

Talk me through the inspirations for the looks
This year the concept for Paradise was based upon a futuristic paradise in another dimension, a holographic parallel reality. We explored themes of space, light, reflection, and geometry. The dancers look this season was a natural progression from last year’s costumes, using the same fabrics and silhouettes but with a sci-fi twist this time. The print on the leotards was based on prismatic shapes and crystals. The mirrored dresses and tops were inspired by Paco Rabanne’s iconic 1960’s sci-fi inspired metal Barbarella dresses. We developed this by using mirrored triangles, chained together to form the pieces instead; they work really well under the lighting used at the club. Finally the holographic green/blue jackets were inspired by a few collections back in 2012 like Katie Eary’s and Blumarine that featured this kind of unusual fabric.

Describe Ibiza in one word?

Describe the Paradise look in one word?
Retro-futurism… almost one word!

Paradise Girls
Paradise GirlsParadise Girls