Ocean Beach Ibiza Delivers Season Opening Extravaganza!

Posted on May 22, 2018

Words: Jason Eybe

Words By Zoe Newlove

This summer, there is only one place to be for the best of Balearic beats and stylish poolside vibes. Head down to San Antonio, home to the infamous Ocean Beach Ibiza. Year on year this venue just gets bigger and better. With luxurious loungers and exotic cabanas, you can choose to relax and soak up the sun throughout the day, whilst enjoying the incredible entertainment – DJs, dancers and so much more, it caters to your every need. There is no other place to party like a VIP.


A ginormous flying Jack-in-the-box enters from high above, colourful acrobats gracing the skies, twisting and turning, whilst a flourish of soft pink tutus dance through the sea of people. The Living Dolls, just one of the many exciting shows, simply a taster of what is to come throughout the Summer. You cannot help but smile when you come to this place, strawberry daiquiri in hand and dancing shoes on, every inch oozes fun and thrills. The resident DJs return once more – from the gorgeous Loéca to Grant Collins, Sam Dungate, Tom Crane and Clara da Costa. Throughout the day Manuel Moore lept to the stage and entertained the surrounding crowd with his live electric guitar set. Incredibly talented, creating a real buzz in the air. Laughter and cheering echoed around the dancefloor, you could not move for the crowd gathered below the booth. You could tell, without a doubt, the Ocean Beach Ibiza Official Opening Party was the one everyone had been waiting for this season.


Then, when you think you have seen it all, the production team truly outdid themselves, as all of a sudden a giant glittery pink King Kong roared, everyone gazing upward and the atmosphere in Ocean Beach Ibiza rippled with excitement. A fantasy dreamland coming to life right before your very eyes. Weaving through the VIP area, an enormous, almost life like, pink army tank makes quite the entrance, with a trail of marching dancers in tow, you momentarily forget where you are. You get lost in the moment, and for more than a second, you don’t even want to take out your phone to get that perfect Instagram boomerang. All you want to do is enjoy what is happening all around you, from every corner of the venue. But of course, I did get my phone out, where else are you going to get a selfie with a flying fluffy pink gorilla?


Delicious cocktails and mouth-wateringly-good sushi devoured, all that is left to do is to dance. As the day slips away and in creeps the night, the entertainment does not stop there. Ocean Beach Ibiza really is The Greatest Showman. All eyes on the pool as yet another performance takes centre stage. Mirrored dancers and fire breathers light up the dark sky, and the beats keep on playing. As always with Ocean Beach Ibiza, the Opening Party is just a slice, a special preview for the upcoming parties and celebrations. It was honestly epic. This Summer season is going to be the best year yet, and San Antonio is incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic venue at the heart of its bay. Keep your eyes peeled for more spectacular performances and outrageous production pieces; the best is yet to come.