La Bella Verde Unveils New Eco-Friendly Catamaran Model Available To Buy

Posted on October 22, 2018

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

Images: Tamara Sini

After a busy summer of helping Ibiza visitors and residents make unforgettable memories on the waves of the Balearic Seas, the La Bella Verde team has proudly unveiled the latest addition to their fleet; a brand new eco-friendly catamaran called ‘Sexy Beast’. After starting out by converting old boats into solar-powered vessels, this sleek little number is the first catamaran that was built from scratch according to the company’s specifications. Even better, ‘Sexy Beast’ will serve as a blueprint for made-to-order catamarans available for sale from the La Bella Verde website!

Last week saw the young and dynamic team head to the Spanish mainland for the Barcelona Boat Show, where they showcased La Bella Verde’s sustainable tourism business model and the new vessel. Born out of a passion for protecting the seas, the company launched in 2014 to provide an environmentally friendly way of exploring the Balearics’ stunning beaches, coves and islands. Powered by silent electric motors and solar panels, the design of the boats allows for a unique and blissful sailing experience at one with nature.

LaBellaVerde Boat 001

LaBellaVerde Boat 002

Instead of monopolising this forward-thinking ‘green, clean and silent’ model, the La Bella Verde team is keen to spread the love and has made the ‘Sexy Beast’ design available for purchase via their website. Whether you want to own an eco-friendly catamaran for private purposes, add it to your existing business offering or start your own sustainable tourism brand, the boats can be delivered to and assembled to any part in the world. The accessible pricing, easy construction and optional assistance from an assembly team make it easier than you thought possible to become part of the La Bella Verde movement.

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100% eco-friendly, each catamaran is powered by renewable energy garnered from solar panels, silent electric motors and wind. 10 metres long, and with spacious open decks, they offer plenty of room to sail in complete comfort. Join the ‘green boating’ movement and order your own eco-friendly catamaran from the La Bella Verde website now!

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