Ibiza To Mykonos With Aero

Posted on July 16, 2019

Words: Iain Thomson

One of the debates of this summer so far has been Ibiza versus Mykonos. Ibiza is still, in our eyes, the clubbing capital of the world, with Mykonos an undeniably emerging destination but what if you didn’t have to choose? Aero, a next gen travel technology company has announced a pop-up shuttle service linking both islands, making it easy and affordable to enjoy the beauty of both! Imagine chilling on the beach in Blue Marlin Ibiza one day and sipping a crisp cocktail at Blue marlin Ibiza Mykonos the next!

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Aero has unveiled its one-of-a-kind flight experience, aimed at travellers and artists alike, giving you the opportunity of travelling direct between these two stunning islands and getting the very most out of your summer vacation. Forget soaring flight costs and the limitations imposed on you by commercial airlines, Aero’s shuttle service not only makes island hopping between Ibiza and Mykonos a reality, it doesn’t break the bank while doing it. “There’s no time like summertime in this region of the world,” said Jaimee Zullo, Head of Community for Aero. “But, lack of access to direct, affordable flights keeps a majority of people from participating in the vibrant music scene and beautiful landscapes of Ibiza and Mykonos. We wanted to create a service that would inspire the curious explorer and enlightened music fan.”


There is no current direct commercial flight between the two island’s meaning if you wanted to swap islands, it would take over five hours and involve at least one stop, unless of course you can afford the 20k price of a private jet. Aero will connect Ibiza and Mykonos up to 30 times cheaper! This is fantastic news for the artists and musicians splitting their time between both island’s meaning they will have a much better solution for getting to gigs but it is also great news for those that are looking for something a little special from their holiday. The chance to enjoy two very different but equally beautiful islands during one trip. Follow your favourite artists as they jump islands for performances or just enjoy the unique vibe of both destinations during your vacation.

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“Travel is supposed to be fun, but often turns into a stress inducing experience,” said Zullo. “Aero makes travel enchanting again, allowing travellers to focus on the destination ahead instead of the grind of how they’re going to get there.” By choosing Aero, you will enjoy a premium, semi-private air travel experience onboard a 16 seat CRJ jet. Forget the hassle of connecting in multiple airports and arrive at your destination fresh and relaxed and ready for your adventure. The Aero shuttle will fly three time a week, non-stop between Ibiza and Mykonos, connecting two magnificent islands and giving you the chance to enjoy a trip of a lifetime.