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Cotton Beach Club in Cala Tarida is the new kid on the luxury beach concept block but it has wasted no time in fitting in. The sunning venue, spread over three levels, offers a relaxing and inclusive environment with everything you would expect from a five star operation. Finding a location is high on the list of prospective owners and in Cala Tarida, the Norwegian Marstrander family has found a gem. Perched on the clifftop overlooking the beach, Cotton Beach Club enjoys some of the most breathtaking views on the island. Christian Marstrander’s attention to detail has resulted in one of the smoothest operations on the island, his team have been trained by Swiss specialists and are acutely aware of what it takes to ensure you have the best day possible while at Cotton Beach club. The drive up is a little tricky but when you get to the car park, hand your keys over and enjoy the valet parking.

As you enter Cotton Beach for the first time, the first thing that strikes you is the elegant design and furnishings, as you move through the reception area and walk into the restaurant terrace for the first time, you are met with a panoramic view of the surrounding area. From the villas on the cliffs far to your left, the rock face to the right and miles of open sea in front of you. The staff is friendly and makes you feel at home from the off, there are no stuffy attitudes here, just great service. The restaurant has already played host to a range of celebrities but that’s not something they shout about, everyone is a VIP in the eyes of Cotton Beach Club.

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Whatever experience you are looking to have at Cala Tarida, Cotton Beach Club is more than capable of exceeding all expectations, whether you only have time for lunch or you want to enjoy a romantic dinner, the menu is fantastic and the entertainment during lunch and dinner is amazing but not in any way intrusive. Cocktails for sunset on the roof is a great idea and when the sun turns the full sky in front of you from bright blue to orange you will be glad you came! If you are a sun lover and want to spend the day on the beach, you can enjoy one of the luxury beds, ordering from the club whenever you need food or drink. If the sand is not your thing, take a cabana on the roof and enjoy a relaxing day in the sun with the best view possible. If you want to combine all of the above, bring a change of clothes, spend the day at the beach, have a shower and get changed in your private changing room and enjoy the sunset before a romantic meal. Cotton Beach Club really does have it all.

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Cotton Beach Ibiza VIP Bed Options

  • On the beach (10am – 8pm):
  • Single sunbed, 15 euro
  • Umbrella, 7 euro (optional)
  • Towel, 5 euro (optional)
  • PLEASE note that sunbeds, umbrellas and towels on the beach must be paid for in cash, and reservations on the beach are held ONLY until 1pm on the day.
  • Beach service and beach menu are available on the beach.
  • On the rooftop, daytime (12pm – 7pm):
  • Single sunbed, 50 euro
  • Double sunbed, 100 euro
  • Gazebo, 200 euro
  • Rooftop reservations need to be pre-paid with credit card.
  • On the rooftop is a cocktail and sushi bar, open showers, water steamers and changing cabins (no swimming pool).