Winter Brunch In Cotton Beach Club Ibiza

Posted on December 6, 2017

Words: Jason Eybe

Images: Gabi Vasquez

Dropping into Cotton Beach Club at the weekend has been a staple of the Ibiza winter resident in recent years, the elegant destination offering a stylish destination no matter what the weather does. After a brief hiatus to catch its breath after a fantastic summer, last weekend saw the venue open and back in the swing immediately. Clearly the weather man got the memo as the sun split the skies as we dropped in to check out the Sunday brunch.

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Brunch will be served every Saturday and Sunday until April 29 and the beach club/ restaurant will open daily between December 20 and January 7, where you can enjoy its popular a la carte menu every day except the weekend. The covers were loosely dropped on one side of the terrace for those that wanted some shelter from a light breeze, while the sun bathed the open end, much to the delight of the crowd that had turned out to welcome back an old friend. Mini fires in glass cases offered a heat from the centre of the table, as, in the shade, the temperature dropped dramatically. Well, it is December after all! In the sun, however, with a couple of light layers and the sunglasses on, it was magnificent!

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Rounding the corner at the top of the hill and catching a glimpse of that spectacular view for the first time never gets old. Cotton Beach club looked resplendent in white, with the greenery from the plants on either side of the entrance and the shades of blue of the sky and sea offering a colourful contrast. The bubbles were flowing, as many people took advantage of the champagne upgrade on the brunch but even the standard option, with a tantalisingly good Bloody Mary is fantastic. From some of the best sushi on the island to the freshest seafood, meat platters and much more, there really is something for everyone. Try and avoid the mini desserts, we dare you.

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We’re thinking that if we are going to be regulars for brunch, we might need to take up a membership at Cotton Fitness as well! Dalibor Dadoff was behind the booth as usual, easing through a cool lounge soundtrack that set the mood perfectly. If anyone needed any explanation as to why Ibiza residents long for the winter, it is for days like this. Great food with good company, shooting the breeze in one of the island’s finest venues, enjoying some sunshine and that panoramic view!

Info & Reservations:
whatsapp: +34 655 560 399
t: +34 971 80 61 80

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