Ibiza VIP – Testimonials

Essential Ibiza VIP is proud of its relationship with its clients, a holiday is something that is often planned months in advance, a break from the stress and pressures of everyday life, an escape to fuel the imagination and recharge the batteries and as such brings a level of expectation. Essential Ibiza VIP prides itself in not only meeting but exceeding these expectations but don’t take our word for it…

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James Balmain

James Balmain, CEO Webtogs & Lloyd Price VP Kelkoo Europe

I think the first time I spoke with Charlie Chester at he said “don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place”. Being one of those people that see the cost in everything and the value in very little, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was all for real. A ton of emails, calls and even a visit later, my private jet landed in Ibiza (courtesy of Charlie). The smart verano arrived and whisked us away to our villa (stunning). Drinks with the owner and we’re off to cafe Mambo for sunset (great table, of course). Then it all gets a little blurred.

VIP at Privilege for Tiesto (the BEST table in the club, epic!). Down time. VIP at Amnesia for Armin Van Buuren. Being a muppet I turn up in shorts, the man at the door looks at me and says a very clear “no”. I mention I’m booked via Charlie, the radio crackles to Armando the head of VIP for the club and suddenly we’re all smiling and I’m the only VIP patron in shorts..

Coming down from the sublime high of AVB and now I’m on a sunseeker, skimming the crystal blue waves on the way to Formentura, lunch on the beach and then back to Blue Marlin for drinks. Which turned into more drinks. Which turned into more drinks and sushi. Never phased for a second, Charlie effortlessly changes car times, cancels dinner bookings and generally keeps the best vibe on the island going all night long for my crew. A big mention too for the Zest Mixology guys who came and mixed cocktails for us at the villa, brilliant!

I’m now back at home, having landed a few hours ago and I’ve got a legendary smile on my face. I’ve learned three things in the last week. One; Ibiza is the wild west, it’s raw, intense, fun and not, under any circumstances, to be taken on alone. Two; there is only one Charlie Chester. Three; there is only one Esential Ibiza.

Nancy Stannard

Nancy Stannard - Director - David Weston Represents

Charlie & Jo organised a very special birthday party for me this summer – everything from the venue for 70 friends, the menus, winelists, djs, cakes, firedancers to a beautician and masseuse. They were always available 24/7 and nothing was too much trouble. The party went with a bang and has been raved about since. It could have been very stressful but they made it so easy and enjoyable. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Charlie & Jo again for any event in Ibiza and would highly recommend them to anyone from the Corporate to the Independent