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Ibiza has a multitude of amazing experiences to offer everyone arriving on the island, whether you are a seasoned visitor or enjoying the Balearic beauty for the first time. There are numerous resorts to choose from, depending on your preference or budget, which is the same when it comes to the accommodation. One thing you should be aware of is that the numerous world famous clubs are spread around the island so for those coming to Ibiza to go clubbing, you will have a certain amount of travel no matter where you choose to base yourself. This is also the case with the beach clubs and some of the finest eateries in Ibiza, they tend to be dotted around the island, from Playa d’en Bossa to Marina Botafoc to Ibiza Town, Figueretes, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia. The great thing about Ibiza is that you can get between two points anywhere on the island in 30 minutes or less, with 20 minutes being the most common journey time. The question you have to ask yourself prior to getting to Ibiza is how do I want to make these journeys.

Here at Essentialibiza we have a fleet of luxury vehicles that can accommodate any number of passengers, depending on the size of your group. Given that in most cases there are more than four people travelling the sharing of the cost means that it is not an expensive addition to your holiday and it brings with it a series of positives. The most obvious is that whenever you go out as a group you never have to split into two or three, meaning that any momentum that the group builds as it enjoys the delights of the island doesn’t get suspended when everyone splits up. Keep all of you together and even the journey to and from or between venues becomes part of the night out. For those that choose a villa option, this is going to be a necessity, unless you have a hire car and a driver that doesn’t mind staying sober. Getting a taxi back to a villa, most of which have no actual address, will prove problematic in the low season and impossible in the high season.

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Ibiza Luxury Transport Hire

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Making use of the Essentialibiza private car fleet has many advantages, from the simple airport pick up, which leaves the rest of your flight in a scorching hot queue for over an hour while you unpack and enjoy your first cold one is the most obvious choice but there other great advantages to having your own private chauffeur. Firstly, they will speak English and know exactly where everything is so you have no problems locating your desired destination. The vehicles themselves are luxurious and air conditioned meaning that wherever you are going not only do you arrive in style but you arrive fresh and ready for the day or night ahead. During the Ibiza season, one of the biggest complaints that we get from clients is the difficulty getting taxis. More often than not, the Ibiza taxi won’t stop and pick you up on the street, there are numerous designated stands that they all head to and at the end of a night out, the last thing you want to do is walk a couple of miles trying to find it. During the high season, when the island is at its maximum capacity, there are not enough cabs to deal with the volume of customers. Having your own private transport makes going out and getting home a much more enjoyable experience. When the time comes to leave the island, knowing that your car is a text away makes for peace of mind and lets you relax, even in the minutes before you have to head to the airport.

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