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Ibiza has been looking after celebrities and VIPs for as long as tourists have travelled to the Balearic beauty. The VIP experience, however, has changed dramatically in the last few years, in keeping with the demand and expectation from a new breed of Ibiza clubber. The world beyond the velvet rope gives greater access to the action and offers a higher level of comfort and service than ever before. When it comes to VIP service, there are few on the island that compare to Blue Marlin Ibiza Cala Jondal, the venue responsible for kick starting the current VIP revolution. Blue Marlin Ibiza expertly serves a global elite of glamorous and discerning jetsetters who know what they are looking for when it comes to quality service, entertainment, ambiance and music.

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The original VIP beach club on the island, Blue Marlin Ibiza successfully pioneered the Ibiza luxury beach club format and continues to lead the way in quality and innovation. It can accommodate several types of VIP clientele, from those that want to enjoy a base for the evening, somewhere to relax and drink and to sit and chat with friends when they are not on the dancefloor and for that, there are several booths. They are comfortable, well serviced and give you the space that is critical when the venue reaches capacity. They are also a great spot to meet new friends, whether you are just out to enjoy the party or whether you are celebrating a special occasion.

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Blue Marlin Ibiza Cala Jondal also offers extra special booths, whether you want your own privacy in a giant four poster bed set away from the action or whether you want to be sat right behind the DJ, getting the best view of what is going on in the middle of the dancefloor. The only way you could get any closer to the decks is if you were the DJ! See exactly what it feels like to take charge of the DJ booth and rock the dancefloor, while relaxing on huge leather couches drinking the finest premium brands.

Away from the night time activity, Blue Marlin Ibiza Cala Jondal also offers a variety of luxury day beds, depending on your need, the huge square beds can accommodate multiple people or maybe you just need extra space to relax and stretch out in the sun. In many circumstances, upgrading to a VIP experience not only gives you a experience from your holiday that you will never forget but it can work out to be the smart move economically. Sometimes sharing a bottle or two can work out cheaper than constantly buying rounds, waiting in a queue at the bar when you could be pouring your own drinks and making new friends!

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