Sintillating Opening!

Posted on June 19, 2016

Images: Andrei Oprescu

San Antonio is entering a period of big revival. What once used to be the most hectic and unpredictable party resort of Ibiza, is gradually turning into a well-regulated, classy, stylish town that is leaving its adolescence behind and is acquiring a beautiful maturity. Eden is one of the venues that takes the lead in the exciting and promising coming-of-age process: standing in the very centre of the town, facing the harbour that each summer welcomes more and more luxurious boats, this club is one of the most important milestones of San Antonio’s entertainment programme. This summer several new parties were included in Eden’s weekly schedule – one of them Sintillate, a powerful and long-standing clubbing brand that was founded in 1999 and that has brilliantly preserved its identity up to now.

Sintillate is taking over Saturdays in Eden starting with Saturdays opening party. Week in, week out, international resident DJs Dan Healy, Rich Stone, Chris Wright and Assad Namazi will perform, joined by such prominent artists as Prok & Fitch, Vanilla Ace, Colin Francis, Ben Santiago, Lovely Laura, Anton Powers, Watermät and many others. On tiptoes with curiosity, we went to the opening to see what Sintillate will bring to the table and how it will all look and feel in the sleek revamped interior of Eden (which is, honestly, one of the most beautiful nightclubs on the island, technically equipped at a state-of-the-art level).


The opening was soundtracked by Chris Wright, Rich Stone, Ben Santiago and Lovely Laura. After dancing a few hours away by the DJ booth, we can confirm: Sintallate Ibiza is bound to become a firm favourite of those who love to dance to the timeless classics of house music, served in the form of cutting-edge remixes. Musical trends might come and go, techno and tech house might heavily dominate the dancefloors, but when you hear the immortal “I have a dream” line from Martin Luther King’s speech, or Mariah Carey cooing with Busta Rhymes, or the evergreen “Back once again for the renegade master” – your heart inevitably starts beating faster, and a glorious smile beams across your face.

Amante closing by La Skimal

Live sax performance by Lovely Laura was another highlight of the night for us. This glamorous blonde, all in sparkles and a cutesy black dress, jumped up on the decks and started to play there, masterfully improvising to the sounds of the best-known and most-loved club hits. Dancers in shiny silver outifts were eagerly posing for the cameras on both sides of the DJ booth, and their bodysuits, just like mirrors, were reflecting the multicoloured rays of Eden’s superb lighting system. In general, this club is quite dark – but when the perfectly timed and targeted lighting comes into play, the miracle begins. At around 3am a gorgeous aerial gymnast took to the podium in the centre of the room and raised herself high above the floor on silks – as flexible as a snake, one of the symbols of Eden, she was simply incredible.

Tess_Mike interview Ibizalovesfood by la skimal

Since the very inception of Sintillate, the essence of this concept was to bridge the gap between the general public and the VIP. Guests of all ages and walks of life were united on the dancefloor, from students to celebrities, from ravers to high-heeled socialites. Before opening its Ibiza 2016 season, Sintillate have hosted more than 9000 events all over the world and amassed a huge loyal following for the brand. Now, it has brought an ideal Saturday night out to the island: glamorous yet not imposing, with the gems of house music delivered through a crisp soundsystem, with an up-for-it crowd eagerly dancing in the very heart of the incomparable San Antonio town.

Amante closing by La Skimal
Tess_Mike interview Ibizalovesfood by la skimal