Music Against Animal Cruelty Hosts Plastic Nation Charity Auction In Ibiza

Posted on October 11, 2019

Words: Iain Thomson

Images Courtesy of PHRANK

Sunday October 6 saw the island turn out in force at Sabina Ibiza as Music Against Animal Cruelty (MAAC) and Robyn Ward hosted the Plastic nation Charity Art Auction. Hot on the heels of successful Portuguese event held in Portimão in September, MAAC delivered a spectacular art auction with Robyn’s Plastic nation collection, raising much needed funds and awareness for MAAC, saving endangered animals through music.

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Over 200 guests turned out at Sabina Ibiza, in the heart of the island, where internationally acclaimed DJs such as Lauren Lane, MK and Senzala delivered the musical backdrop for the event. BBC1’s Bargain Hunt TV expert and international auctioneer Richard Madley took control of proceedings and auctioned off pieces from Irish artist Robyn Ward’s thought-provoking Plastic nation collection. The artist dedicated a year of his life and work on the collection and each piece of the collection has a market value of $20,000, raising a remarkable amount of money for the charity. The money raised will be disseminated between two causes, which will be determined by followers and friends of MAAC and their ambassadors and will be determined through online voting through social media. The five short listed causes are…

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1. Stopping the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China.
2. Safeguarding the critically endangered Gorilla of Central Africa.
3. Protecting the Orangutan from deforestation and extinction.
4. Preserving the last Snow Leopards of the Eastern Himalaya.
5. Fight against the illegal trade of tiger bone in Asia.

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MAAC was founded by Jonny White from Art Department, long-time friend and founder of Pulse Radio Wade Cawood and Tears for Tigers founder jack Baucher and the organisation has been raising funds through dance music events since 2017. The European debut – ‘Wild’, held at Ushuaïa Ibiza saw Black Coffee, Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg, Jamie Jones, Art Department, Bedouin to name just a few, play, raising awareness throughout the club world. Successfully hosting their first art auction, combining music and art in order to raise money for endangered animals, MAAC continues to prove they are industry trailblazers and are destined to make bold moves in 2020. Stay tuned to MAAC’s socials in order to take part in voting and for news about future events.

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