Nassau Beach Ibiza Continues Birthday Celebration In Style

Posted on July 2, 2017

Images: Tamara Sini

Last night marked the July Edition of Nassau Beach Club’s 10th anniversary – to celebrate a decade in existence, the iconic beach club will be holding monthly events for the whole season. Having kicked off in May, the parties have been a big success, drawing crowds that want to eat good food, drink amazing cocktails and party like a VIP as day turns into night – and last night was no exception.

For last night’s birthday celebrations at Nassau Beach Club, the glam pack was out in force. Beautiful people danced on the golden sands as the sun set over the sea, and inside there was a cult flock of people around the DJ booth that didn’t seem to wane all night. The event was open to everyone on the island but felt quite exclusive nonetheless, with tables of VIPs dotted around the entire venue. As soon as you walked over the threshold of Nassau Beach Club and onto the red carpet – which extended as far as the beach – you instantly felt the effect of the glamorous, heady vibe and VIP aesthetic.



With sets from Andy Manston, Danny Clockwork, Keith Mac, Owen Clark and Jason Bye, crowds had clearly turned out for a night of feel-good summer music, and they were definitely not disappointed by what they got. Everyone – from those in swimwear fresh from a day on the beach to those dressed to the nines – was dancing in the beach with their hands in the air, and as the sun was setting the sound of jingly coin belts and bangles from partygoers meshed with the world vocals and instruments being layered over the top of the house beat.



Nassau Beach Club might have wanted to make last night all about the music, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few extra special touches. Bottles of Moët and Chandon, held aloft by the impeccable waiting staff as they carried it onto the beach front, were topped with large sparklers that lit up the dusky evening. And everyone might have been most concerned with the party, but as the pink and purple flecked sky set over the rolling hills of the White Isle, you had to concede that the beautiful surroundings played a big part in making the night what it was, too.




For anyone who’s into their dance and house music, the sets last night were nothing short of anthemic, and by nightfall, the bouncy, upbeat and recognisable mixes had everyone up and dancing. Nassau Beach Club is quite an intimate and close knit venue, and people were even dancing in the sea, splashing about in the shallows as they jumped to the music. The music was purposely the focal point of last night’s celebration at Nassau Beach Ibiza, and as happy partygoers danced the night away to classic 90s and 00s house music, it was easy to see why the team at Nassau had taken that decision. This, after all, is Ibiza – and it doesn’t get much more classic than a party on the beautiful beach, with iconic music hailing back to the Golden Age of dance and house music. With yet more birthday celebrations to go this season, we can’t wait to see what else they pull out the bag – but whatever it is, we feel sure that it will be a feel-good, summery celebration of all things typically Ibiza.