Melon Bomb Renews Tanit Ibiza Love Affair

Posted on September 17, 2019

Words: Jason Eybe

Images: La Skimal

Images: Tamara Sini

Attention lovers of hedonistic vibes, deep beats and disco grooves; Melon Bomb returns to Tanit Ibiza on Saturday September 21 for its annual September soiree. The Melon Bomb crew will be joined on deck duty by James Morgan and Get Down Edits sound racking the ultimate day into night gathering. This needs very little introduction but we will give it one anyway! If you have been at any of the Melon Bomb beach parties in Tanit previously, you know exactly what to expect, if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Tanit Beach Melon Bomb Finale Essentialibiza 2017 By Tamara Sini 013

For those that have been living off-planet in recent years, Melon Bomb is a party collective made in Ibiza, featuring DJs Scott Gray, Paul Reynolds, Ben Santiago and Corbi. Embracing the original spirit of the Balearic island, blending house and disco with good vibes and great surroundings, it’s one of the most popular parties on the clubbing capital. For residents on the island and a selection of tourists-in-the-know, the Melon Bomb Tanit Ibiza September party is one of celebration. For those that live and work on the island, it’s an opportunity to let out some steam after a hectic high season and for those visiting it’s a chance to feel an authentic party vibe in a very special location.

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The party kicks off at 14.00, with some laid back beach vibes, perfect for those that want to book a table for lunch and make a full day of it. As the day evolves, so too does the musical journey, until the tables are cleared and Tanit Ibiza is transformed from stylish beach front eatery into intimate party space, where the low ceiling and phat beats create an electric atmosphere. Fans of Melon Bomb, of which there are many, would be happy to leave their musical adventure in the hands of the Melon Bomb residents but there are two very special guests for the latest beach party. James Morgan and Get Down Edits will join the boys for what promises to be another fantastic party by the beach.

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