Listen To The Rumors

Posted on August 9, 2014

Guy Gerber started the Ibiza 2014 season with the dream of a party that engaged clubbers through rumours of who would be playing, after a couple of false starts he has found a spiritual home for the concept in Beachouse, the latest addition to Playa d’en Bossa beach. The free party incorporates long sets from Guy and his guests and encourages a cosmopolitan crowd to interact and soak up the energy that the music produces. Launching only a couple of weeks after the venue opened it has quickly become an integral part of the discerning clubbers week. Sunday night is the night for a free beach party and one that has already delivered more than it’s fair share of memorable moments. From the first time the bassline prompted an instant reaction for the crowd in from on the booth during the opening party, it was clear that something special could happen. Rumors has gotten stronger week on week as more surprise guests drop in and share the booth, we caught up with Guy to get an idea of the thinking behind the concept and its great relationship with Beachouse…

Rumors at Beachouse Ibiza

Rumors has enjoyed a flying start on the beach, how did the hook up with Beachouse come about?
In the beginning we had a bit of difficulty with the locations of the parties. I have been in the business for a while and know the stress of what parties can turn into so I wanted to avoid this. I decided to quit Rumors Ibiza until a new situation came along. I felt much better immediately. I was on tour in the US and when I came back I went to El Chiringuito to meet Ray from Be @ TV who is a very good friend of mine. When he asked how the party was, I told him I had decided to stop for the time being until I found the right venue. He mentioned that the owners of El Chiringuito had just opened a new place and were looking for something exciting. Luckily the owner, Jonathan, was right there and I was able to explain to him my vision. We wanted it to be free, but still be exclusive. Just to have the right people and good growing speed. Two weeks later we started Rumors at Beachouse. Right from the get-go it was an amazing experience and each week gets better and better.

Although a new concept, Beachouse has engaged a cosmopolitan crowd from the off, with an appreciation for music, was that something you predicted when agreeing on the residency or has it been a case of right place at the right time that has seen the party spark instantly?
From doing Wisdom of the Glove that focused on a more alternative music agenda by trying to make a party, not a rave, I learned a lot. I’m sure there are a lot of people in Ibiza that are interested in just that. I want to carry on the spirit of Ibiza with great beach vibes. We also got lucky, Beachouse has an incredible set up and Jonathan the owner already has a great following. Our working relationship has been perfect. With his team and my Rumors team, everyone is motivated to make this great. It was destined for success.

Ibiza has a strong free party tradition, was that something you were aware of when you were thinking of Rumors?
I remember coming here almost 10 years ago and there would be these unannounced Cocoon after parties with Sven and Ricardo playing for thousands of people on the beach. I think Ibiza used to be all about parties under the sky, that’s the spirit I’m trying to maintain. There are still a few beach parties but now we want to add to that and follow with these traditions. The quality of the party at Beachouse is great because it’s so versatile. You can have a table or walk in for free and party on the beach. It’s a great mixture of people. We’ve had some celebrities come by, it’s been interesting to see how they mix up in the crowd since there’s no separation. I think that’s the real essence of the party.

Rumors at Beachouse Ibiza

Is there a sense of freedom with no club dancefloor to play too as the party evolves naturally around you?
I would actually say that there is a dancefloor but not a conventional one. It’s nice to see how people move from the beach towards the DJ booth over the duration of the day into night, eventually the entire floor to beach area becomes a dancefloor. I see that people tend to begin in a relaxed beach vibe to an open air club feeling.

Does it give you an opportunity to road test new material and label releases?
Yes of course, that’s the privilege of having a weekly residency. Part of the nature of this party is long sets. Since I play every week, I’m getting used to the sound and what tracks work when. You can always compare and contrast from week to week.

What guests do you have in store for us throughout the residency, who should we be looking out for?
I spent so much time trying to surprise and make things exciting with artists for Wisdom of the Glove, this time I think the excitement is brought by the whole vibe of the party and working the party flow. To be honest, it feels so perfect right now. I’m definitely promising some special guests but as the original concept of Rumors, it will be only rumors. I just know that everywhere I go there is always loads of drama. People should come for the fact that they know something is always bound to happen…

Rumors at Beachouse Ibiza

What do you look for in someone to share the booth with you?
Well there are a few rules. First we only play special tracks, not necessarily hits. The music has to have some kind of spiritual feelings and fit the beach set up. This party gives you a full experience, I want the music to surround and seduce you. There are not so many DJs that can do this properly and there are also a few that would love to take this challenge but can’t because of other commitments. The people that have played so far have gotten the idea, Behrouz, Chaim, Thugfucker, Lauren Lane and Sean Reeves who I’ve seen as a silent partner in this. We recently did a podcast together for ID Magazine.

Which parties/ DJs are exciting you musically this year and why?
Rhadoo is doing his thing at Ibiza Underground, always good to hear him. I think tINI and the Gang is a really fun party with a great musical agenda. Even though this sounds a bit of self promoting, I’m really happy with my monthly residency of Wisdom of the Glove at Pacha. We have some great guys this year like Tiga, Green Velvet, Martin Buttrich and Thugfucker.

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