Inside The Rebels Cave

Posted on July 20, 2016

Words: Iain Thomson

Capadi Rebels has captured the attention already this summer with its eco-friendly approach to its boat party, the rebels with a conscience deliver a vibrant experience on board a stunning catamaran but make sure they leave the sea exactly how they find it, doing their utmost to protect the beauty of the island and its surroundings. This principles party approach also translates to its music policy, with some of the finest DJs playing for the rebels, as well as dry land, where Capadi Rebels collaborates with Viva Warriors in Sankeys every Sunday.

Sankeys Ibiza’s Spektrum is transformed into the REBELS CAVE every Sunday offering the Capadi crew a genuine extension of the amazing atmosphere that it generates at sea. The incredible club space gets a weekly makeover, transforming it into an Aladdin’s cave of infinite possibilities, where clubbers can dance barefoot on carpets to the finest underground sound from the Capadi Rebels residents and guests, including co-founder Ash. We caught up with the talented DJ to get an idea of what we can expect behind the curtain of the Rebels Cave…

Rebels Cave 002
Rebels Cave 003

Rebels takes over the Spektrum on Sunday for Steve Lawler’s Viva Warriors, how did this hook up come about?
It is our third season alongside the Warriors now, but it all started in 2012 when we where part of Carnival at Sankeys and had a really good season going on. After the summer Steve Lawler showed interest in what we were doing so David Vincent had the idea to join the forces and create Sankey’s strongest weekly night so far.

How important was it for you to offer your clubbers a credible late night party?
It is very important to invite all our customers to at least another great night in Ibiza’s best underground club, where they can feel more of the REBEL’s spirit and dance all night long to an high class line up with the Warriors.

Rebels Cave 004
Rebels Cave 005

What is it about Viva Warriors that makes it the perfect fit for you?
Working alongside professional people as the Warriors, we have learned a lot about clubbing and everything that is behind a big Ibiza night. We feel that we have reached the next step from filling a boat twice a week, to creating something bigger, where we are all challenged weekly again.

How has the collaboration been going?
The synergy has been amazing form the very first day, we have very similar ideas whether about line ups, the vibe and especially the experience, we want the guests to live when they join us at Sankeys. We are very happy to collaborate with Steve Lawler himself as he is a visionary and very forward thinking DJ that believes in supporting young talent, helping them become a better version of themselves.

Rebels Cave 008
Rebels Cave 009

Is there any crossover with Viva Warriors making on to the boat to play?
Last year we were hosting a few WARRIORS boat party on which Miguel Campbell, Seff and Denney joined us. As well this year we will be having a few special surprise dates for all Warriors on the Sea lovers, so watch out for these ones!

Sankeys offers a real old school vibe with its design and sound, how does it feel to be playing in one of the island’s best clubs?
We are absolutely in love with Sankeys, as it really represents what CAPADI REBELS stands for – unique, humble and on point. The music and the artwork speak for themselves and being part of it shows us that we found a second home besides our wonderful catamaran.

What have you done to make give the Spektrum that unique Rebels touch every Sunday?
This years concept of the Spektrum on Sundays is the REBELS CAVE. We thought we could bring a little bit of the fabulous Ibiza Caves to Playa den Bossa. Every Sunday the Spekrum gets a total face lift, starting from the entrance that has a Cave look, to the interior design that reminds more of a cozy cave where you want to spend the rest of the night, socialsing and dancing barefoot on carpets with your best friends around you while your eyes catch sight of numerous interesting, recycled handmade art pieces. I don’t want to say much more, as the magic cannot really be explained; you have to live it to get the full sense of what we have created.

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Rebels Cave 007