Ibiza Icon “Diver UP” By Victor Spinelli Goes To Burning Man

Posted on July 29, 2019

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

One of Ibiza’s most iconic pieces of art, the striking “Diver UP” sculpture by Victor Spinelli is set to come up for air at this year’s Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Dessert, Nevada, USA. Fulfilling the long-standing dream of its creator, the original motif will be blown up to stand eight meters tall – and undoubtedly become a talking point of the of the event thanks to its alignment with female empowerment and the protection of nature – especially our oceans.

The original photograph that served as the inspiration for the “Diver UP” sculpture was created on a secret beach on the White Isle back in 2005, and since then the image has captured the imagination and hearts of art lovers from all over the world. Currently being constructed in New York, this August Victor will accompany his creation on a 4,500km road trip to the Burning Man site where it will take pride of place for the duration of the event before moving on to Tulum, Mexico, where it will be permanently installed.

Victor Spinelli Essentialibiza 2019 By La Skimal002

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The inspiration and symbolism behind “Diver UP” refer to the Age of Aquarius, where metamorphosis and spiritual awakening lie in the air. The combination of an industrial helmet juxtaposed against the feminine form in its purest state highlight the contrast of man-made versus Mother Earth. The motif shows the Goddess freeing herself of the controlling force that has been imposed on her, a metaphor for society, history and mankind. The intention of “Diver UP” is to open up a conversation about a new world of equality and, within that, the divine feminine goddess celebrating womankind and mankind in unison.

Victor Spinelli Bronze DiverUP

Diver UP Design 002Previously, the iconic image has been reincarnated in the shape of precious metal sculptures and jewellery, but this will be its biggest transformation yet. Forged from steel framing, recycled metal mesh and a recycled metal exterior skin, festivalgoers will be able to go inside the structure. There they will find nautical dials and compasses alongside educational messages about our oceans, sound-tracked by a selection of music.

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Diver UP Design 001A prolific member of Ibiza’s vibrant art scene, we caught up with Victor at the opening of the Kenny Scharf exhibition currently displayed at New York collector Lio Malca’s local gallery La Nave Salinas. He told us, “For me, there is a big connection between Ibiza and Burning Man. The festival was started by six liberated people from San Francisco, and in the 1960s a lot of hippies and artists from that area where coming to Ibiza. Now the “Diver UP” is going to Burning Man, which is still made up from a strong community of people from the San Francisco Bay area as well as international visitors, so it kind of feels like a homecoming. She is going to represent the duality between the two places.” His business partner and investor Andrea Danese added, “The fact that you can go inside makes this piece of art even more compelling and intriguing for people.”

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If you can’t make it to the Black Rock Dessert or Tulum, Victor told us that there are also talks about an environmental “Diver UP” project set in the Balearics. The idea is to create another sculpture from environmentally friendly materials and to submerge it in the sea between Ibiza and Formentera. Not only would it make a spectacular sight for local divers, it could also serve as a base for creating a living reef of Posidonia, the underwater plants that protect Ibiza and Formentera’s crystal waters and delicate shores. Under the sea or on dry land, it’s beautiful to see that the impactful message of “Diver UP” continues to be spread across the world – stay up to date with the latest developments by following the #diverUP.

Further Information:
w: www.diverup.com
insta: www.instagram.com/victorspinelli

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