History In The Making At Magna

Posted on January 17, 2015

In a relatively short period of time, History, the party that takes you on a journey through house, has established itself as one of the must-visit on the global scene. Having delivered in the UK and the Middle East previous to last summer, History made its Ibiza debut in Ocean Beach club, with Alex P and Brandon Block headlining and Essentialibiza’s Jo Mills joining History co-founder Jon Besant in what was a talented line up, needless to say, the party went off! With plans for more Ibiza activity in 2015, History is not sitting back waiting for the summer to arrive, Saturday March 7, in the Magna Sheffield, sees it host its biggest event to date.

History of House Music by la skimal photography

When it comes to looking at the history of house, there are so many avenues that could be explored, from the big rom DJs of back in the day that rocked parties with anthems that defined a generation to the backroom turntablists that took you on a musical journey in the darkness of countless low ceilinged venues. March 7 sees History gather some of the iconic names from days gone by, as well as some of the hottest gunslingers on the scene right now for a house music extravaganza. Toddy Terry and Farley Jackmaster Funk are the headline names and enough to get any house historian foaming at the mouth in anticipation, but these two heavyweights are just the tip of the iceberg. Add the likes of Graeme Park, Allister Whitehead, Rob Tissera and Jo Mills and you have some of the defining parties of our time represented in a big way.

JB History

One of the biggest things about the early dance scene was the rise of the live pa, not as popular nowadays but the live performance always added to the electricity of a room, provided a few goosebump moments and threatened venue roofs and Hostory have acknowledged their importance in a big way. Live performances from Julie McKnight (Finally/ Diamond Life), a full live band set from seminal ravers K-Klass and the return of popular performer Rozalla adds an outstanding live element to proceedings. For those of you that prefer their house music a little more up to date, there is plenty to whet your appetite, Sonny Fedora, Flashmob Doorly and Knee Deep are just some of those armed and ready to bring the History lesson full circle. It’s a definitive line up that covers all aspects of the house music journey over the last two decades and more than enough to keep you dancing and singing all night! There are still some tickets available but there won’t be for long so get a move on if you want to be part of this special musical journey!


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