A Full Moon Feast From The Grill At Casa Maca

Posted on July 23, 2019

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

Pssst… Can we let you in on a secret? While much attention and praise is heaped upon Ibiza’s glorious beaches (and rightly so), the White Isle’s countryside is just as beautiful! And as the island’s culinary scene continues to thrive, with a special focus being put on fresh, local produce with a km0 carbon footprint, heading inland to experience the field-to-table movement is an experience no foodie worth their salt should miss! We enjoyed a magical dinner in the hills outside Ibiza Town at Casa Maca, a ‘hotel rural’ and restaurant that puts on a mouth-watering grill menu every night of the week for both its residents and outside visitors.

Opening its doors only last year, the rustic chic property has wasted no time in establishing itself as a gourmet hotspot, playing host to the Amorevore Food Festival in October 2018 and the exclusive IMS Legend 2019 dinner at the beginning of this summer. Part of the renowned Mambo Group’s portfolio, Casa Maca combines all the elements that have turned sister venues such as Hostal La Torre and Chiringuito Cala Gracioneta into some of the island’s best loved addresses: a breath-taking natural setting styled with effortless cool, a delicious culinary offering and a warm hospitality that will make you feel right at home from the minute you arrive.

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Having not visited Casa Maca since the end of last summer, we were blown away by how much the outdoor cocktail lounge and dining area has been expanded in less than a year. Surrounded by flowering vegetable and herb gardens, guests can now enjoy an expertly mixed cocktail from the silver airstream on one of the many scattered seating areas surrounded by cacti, candles and carpets before moving on to the elegant dining platform overlooking the glittering backdrop of Ibiza Town.

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As fans of all things Western vibes, we began our evening with three potent concoctions from the new cocktail menu. The El Burro made with Absolute Elyx, fresh ginger and lemongrass, ginger Kevita kombucha and fresh lime juicy was a zesty summer refresher with a zing, while the Smoked Pinarita mixed from 7 Misterios mezcal, smoked pineapple syrup, orange liqueur and fresh lime juice transported us to the Caribbean with its exotic and smoky notes. Last, but not least, the Port Side Cup made with Beefeater Strawberry Gin and Aperol, cucumber, strawberry and mint topped with lemonade was a perfectly balanced, light and bitter sweet dream in a glass.

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With island favourite Andy Baxter on the decks spinning a chilled deep house set on an exotic jungle tip perfect for a magical Full Moon night, we could have whiled away a few hours here… had we not got a full view of the spectacular vegetable and meat-laden hanging grill where our dinner was merrily sizzling away! The fragrant aromas of the BBQ made our mouths water and lured us down to the main dining space, where the grill feast was about to commence. With olive trees framing the stunning views on Dalt Vila, rustic tables decorated with succulents and burnt orange glassware and a chiringuito-style bar serving up crisp wines and refreshing beers, this was country-dining at its very best!

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Without further ado, Mambo Group restaurant manager extraordinaire Javier and his team began to work their magic. While were still swooning over the delicious breadbasket and olives, a smorgasbord of sharing starters arrived that made our eyes pop out of our heads! First up were a delightfully smoky Middle Eastern baba ganoush dip accompanied by a bowl of squidgy soft bread wedges, a colourful salad of seasonal tomatoes with spring onion and a luscious ball of burrata on the side, and – highly recommended – a divine grilled aubergine dressed in a white miso emulsion and crunchy caramelised nuts. It was a light and healthy trio of starters perfecto for the sweltering summer temperatures, each exploding with flavours.

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But that was, of course, not all! When Javier had promised he would bring us ‘a lot’ of food, he had not been exaggerating! Lovers of hearty treats will go straight to foodie heaven over the chunk of deliberately molten Manchego cheese and the loaf of spicy ‘sobrassada’, a local cured meat most commonly served in a sausage shape, that came accompanied by toasted bread sticks drizzled in honey and topped with rosemary. It was, simply put, a perfectly balanced symphony of sweet juxtaposed against savoury flavours.

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We thought it would be impossible to distract us from the deliciousness in front of us, but just as we were loading up our plates with second helpings, the Full Moon made a dramatic appearance right next to the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site of Dalt Vila, rising in a pink, then orange and, finally, silver glow. With a live band playing an ambient acoustic set in the background, the atmosphere couldn’t have been more romantic. As luck would have it, this was not just any old Full Moon night, oh no! From our privileged position in the hills of Can Palau, we watched a mesmerising eclipse on a completely unspoilt canvas of starry night-sky.

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We were brought back to reality by the arrival of our main courses, a mix of grilled specialities from both sea and land. A perfectly charcoaled octopus leg was tender yet delightfully squidgy; a Mediterranean classic seafood lovers must not miss! Carnivores, meanwhile, will swoon over the selection of premium meats on offer, and so did we over our aromatic and tender slices of Argentinian Black Angus ‘picana’ and ‘vacio’ cuts. These melt-in-the-mouth delicacies were served with a colourful selection of grilled veggies, including sweet potato and avocado halves, as well as an utterly addicted potato gratin with a cheese crust.

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In seventh foodie heaven, we decided we could, possibly, fit in two or three desserts – sharing, of course! Juicy chunks of roasted pineapple with silky coconut ice cream slid down like a tropical dream, while the roasted peach halves with tangy ricotta cheese made for an equally perfect summer sweet treat. Never ones to be able to resist anything cocoa-based, we finished off our culinary extravaganza with a luxurious chocolate fudge sprinkled with hazelnut crumble.  For a relaxed yet elegant culinary countryside excursion, we really cannot recommend Casa Maca’s nightly grill feasts enough!

Further Information & Reservations
t: +34 971 806 864
w: www.casamaca.com

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