Exploring Japanese Dining At Ushuaïa Ibiza’s Minami

Posted on June 22, 2019

Words: Kane Allen

Images: La Skimal

Ibiza and Japan share very few similarities, but as islands they are both blessed with an abundance of fresh seafood. Taking advantage of that is Minami at Ushuaïa, which brings together Japanese and Mediterranean cooking to provide a taste experience like no other. From ramen to raw fish, Minami takes all those fresh, punchy and ultimately delicious Asian creations that have become popular all across the world to Ibiza – but on a new level. Essential Ibiza was invited down to sample some of the dishes that have put this Japanese fusion restaurant at the top of many holidaymaker’s dining plans.

In the luxuriously dimmed dining space, we were nestled perfectly away from David Guetta’s BIG Ushuaïa party next door. Minami’s decor – true to its food – felt fresh. The lined bamboo walls, relaxing pebbled water feature and contemporary Asian art was pure bliss. Relaxed and settled, we embarked on the first stop in our Japanese culinary adventure: Tokyo chicken ramen. This was a perfect palate exciter. With so many flavours going on, the Tokyo ramen had our taste buds dancing in a different way at Ushuaïa.

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With no noodle left behind, our courteous waiting team brought a selection of expertly crafted cocktails to our table. There was the Midnight Passion with Belvedere vodka and cranberry, Smokey Marumi Margarita with Mezcal Casamigos and mandarine Napoleon liqueur and the classic Mojito with a cucumber twist, all of which hit different taste notes, but all as equally refreshing. After enjoying more than a fair share of drink, it was time for the next food stop.

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A plate arrived looking like it had come straight from the Tate Modern. It was a piece of Japanese art with raw belly of bluefin tuna as the starring act. It was like biting into jelly it felt that fresh. Add to that some lively wasabi paste and you have a dish as exciting as they come. But it didn’t stop there, as we looked across the elegant room and saw a plate of steaming pork and prawn gyoza’s make their way to our table. It was total Japanese food heaven.

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With our triple starter delights dusted off, we took a small pit stop before the mains were ready. It was lucky we did. If I thought I was in food heaven before, I was wrong. There was sushi, sashimi, nigiris, teppanyaki lobster, surf and turf roasted chicken and steamed lemon fish. Where do you even begin? The sushi was delightfully delicate and was going down far too easy. Moving between the lobster, chicken and lemon fish in rotation, the flavours and textures of all these different dishes very nearly sent my brain into meltdown and my belt into the next room.

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With our savoury stomachs full to the brim with delicious Japanese goodness, there was still dessert to come. I was psyched and ready until I saw more sushi arrive. More sushi? Surely not! But as it came closer you could see the powdered sugary tastiness fall from it. It was sweet sushi, with melted chocolate taking the soy sauce’s place. Cutting into the quintet of rolled desert delights, we were not disappointed. Each one was creamy and oh-so-moreish, with a touch of nuttiness that had us going crazy over this sweet creation. With the Matcha Barcode cheese and white chocolate mousse awaiting its fate, it was time to enjoy the final stop of this Asian food expedition. With a much-appreciated touch of yuzu sorbet on the side, our palates were done for. Minami is an unrivalled Japanese taste exploration. Make sure you get a ticket this summer.

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