DJ Awards Breakthrough Nominee Max Chapman

Posted on August 8, 2018

Words: Iain Thomson

The DJ Awards Best Breakthrough award is one of the ones that really captures the attention; it’s an award that recognises effort to get started on the road to becoming an active member of the international scene and recognises an immediate impact. It’s always one to look out for, as it is the first chance to catch some of those artists that will go on to dominate the scene in later years.

Max Chapman is an artist that falls into that category. First emerging in 2011 as a 23-year old, he set up his own label, Resonance Records, whch continues to offer a platform to cutting edge music and artists. Max has delivered his own fair share of nuggets that have challenged the world’s most respected underground floors and he is pretty handy when it comes to taking them on a musical journey. With releases already on influential labels such as WOW!, Hot Creations, Snatch, Elrow, VIVa, to name only a few, as well as his own imprint, it’s no wonder he has caught the eye of Adam Beyer, Riva Starr, Steve Lawler, Jamie Jones Pete Ting and many more of the world’s electronic music influencers. We caught up with Max ahead of the DJ Awards, which will take place on Tuesday September 11 at HEART Ibiza.

You’ve been nominated in the Breakthrough category in the forthcoming DJ Awards, what would it mean for you?
It’d be a bit of a dream come true to be honest – a lot has happened over the last few years and to be noticed for all the hard work would be amazing. Something that has played a big part in my progression is being noticed by my peers, so to win and collect the award in front of them all would be a privilege.

How does it feel to be recognised by your peers for the hard work you are putting in?
I think that like any industry, it’s a massive achievement and compliment to be recognised in this way by the people you work with – there are so many people grafting to find their place in the music industry so to even be shortlisted is incredibly humbling.

Max Chapman 000

Where are you most comfortable, in the studio or behind the booth?
Sober, in the studio – but when there’s a party, it’s got to be behind the decks.

Who or what inspires you musically?
I have to say that it’s my friends. Lately, I’ve really struggled to find my way through all the releases on Beatport and find new music that I like, so I tend to get all the music I play from promos or my mates. I’m surrounded by a lot of very talented producers so I’ve always found that the great music they’re making is what inspires me.

What is your main focus to take your career to the next level?
I’m trying to treat it as work and not just play – easier said than done, but to reach the top you’ve got to see it as a career and take it seriously.

You’re in Ibiza, you have a night off, which party are you heading to and which DJ are you looking to hear?
Tough one! I’d say Circoloco or Music On simply because they’re always amazing nights without fail, and on the DJ front – it’d have to be Martinez Brothers, Loco Dice or Marco Carola, they’re all always on point so I’d have a hard job trying to pick just one of them I’m afraid!


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