Back To Mine Presents Faithless At Pikes

Posted on August 12, 2019

Words: Iain Thomson

The Back To Mine series of mix albums was one of the most ingenious musical concepts that seen a series of world renowned artists choosing the music that they would play at after party at their respective homes. Protagonists that delivered these seminal sound tracks included Nick Warren, Dave Seamen, Danny Tenaglia, Groove Armada, to name just a few and, a personal favourite of ours, Faithless.

Faithless delivered one of the most popular Back To Mine journeys and to celebrate, Back To Mine will invite Faithless to take over legendary Ibiza club space Pikes on Friday August 16 for an extra special version, celebrating five decades if electronica that has inspired, excited and exhausted several generations of clubbers. When it comes to intimate club spaces, there are few in the world that compare to Freddie’s the legendary lounge within the traditional finca that is Pikes. It’s fitting that Back To Mine should take over the old house for the night and brig one of the most successful participants in their series to takeover the booth and host a bonafide, after-party style gathering.

Expect a journey packed with everything from disco to house, funk to techno, with a few curve balls thrown in. We caught up with Sister Bliss of Faithless ahead of the party to get an insight into the process of compiling the classic album and what fun and frolics we can expect from August 16 in Pikes…


The Faithless ‘Back To Mine’ was widely regarded as the best in the series; how do you go about preparing and curating something as eclectic as that?
Well thank you for the compliment! It was a joy to curate as it simply meant going through our record collections while pretty stoned and playing around with tunes we would play at a real “ back to mine’ session! We wanted it to be as eclectic as our actual record collections are, and to make sure we included music that encapsulated that post – clubbing slightly fuzzy feeling even though not all of it was necessarily electronic music, it had a certain vibe. Also the previous Back to Mine compilations were compiled by some of our favourite artists – Like Danny Tenaglia, and Groove Armada – so there was a benchmark of quality there.

What were the big tune dilemmas you faced and which tracks almost made it there but had to be cut?
I have to say its nearly 20 years ago so I just can’t recall the details – I’m pretty sure most of what we chose thankfully made it onto the album.

You’re playing Freddie’s in Pikes on August 16th for a special Back To Mine gathering, should we expect a bit of a house party vibe or are you going all out to take the roof off?
I think it will definitely be roof off time – its peak season and my best friends birthday so it wouldn’t be right to hold back – though I wouldn’t want to get Pikes into trouble and get shut down early! There’s something about playing Freddie’s that is totally involving – the closeness to the crowd, the amazing Void sound system, the energy and history of Pikes – and once those smoke machines kick off you can get quite deep and intense musically!

Pikes 001

With several decades of music to choose from, where do you begin when thinking about what will make it into the record box for such a party?
My sets are quite a mix of old and new anyway – I love to weave hidden gems, a few classics, and upfront new music together – referencing the past but not being stuck in it – and of course thinking about the journey you can go on musically when there is the intimacy of a room like Freddie’s, that wouldn’t necessarily work in a festival set.
I don’t hugely enjoy totally retro sets myself … I feel there is so much that’s new and exciting it can get a bit hackneyed, hearing the same old tunes over and over again, and also makes me feel sad because we can never recreate that vibe that some of us were lucky enough to experience the first time around- we can only live in the present.
It is a beautiful thing when music takes you back to an incredible moment, but its brilliant to create new moments in the here and now!

Ibiza has been a special place for Faithless over the years and Pikes offers a unique space for a party, what are your memories of the place?
Ah there are so many! The band stayed after a live Ibiza Rocks show one year, and had a proper party at Freddie’s before it had been converted into the club space it is now – it was actually our drummer’s bedroom on that occasion ( lucky him!) – but once we’d all left and he’d passed out, he suddenly woke up to find his ear full of ants! I also had an amazing time at the annual Freddie Rocks party a couple of years ago – with Sunny handing out pink birthday cake to commemorate Freddie Mercury’s birthday, and everyone plastered in moustaches. The party carried on in Sunny’s boudoir naturally – and went on to win best one- off Ibiza party of the year! Last year we were hanging out with the late great Tony Pike poolside, enjoying his incredible life stories and my friend got a marriage proposal from him on the sun lounger – he was convinced she would make an excellent wife number 6 – sadly it never came to pass.

Can you share any nuggets that have already made the cut for August 16 to whet our appetite?
Enjoying some great new music at the moment – R+ – Summer Dress, Benny Bridges- Wonder and Joris Voorn’s Antigone on the lighter side, Marie Davidson – Work it (Soulwax remix ) & Mad Teeth – Underground Boogie on the heavier, and of course it would be rude not to play some Faithless classics!

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