At Home In Chezz Gerdi

Posted on July 9, 2019

Words: Iain Thomson

Living in Ibiza and regularly travelling the world for work means that there are very few places I haven’t managed to tick off my bucket list. From Australia to Asia, South America and across Europe my wife Jo and I have enjoyed some memorable experiences but nothing prepared us for the recent trip we took across the water to Formentera. We have visited on several occasions in the past but staying there for three nights, courtesy of the Five Flowers Hotel & Spa, completed changed how we feel about the island.


Five Flowers Hotel & Spa is a spectacular destination, with everything you could ever need but, as we had never actually spent time exploring Formentera, we decided to make the very most of our time there. Es Pujols is a stunning part of the island and, coincidentally home to one of our favourite restaurants on the island. As luck would have it, we were just a short walk along a charming promenade –flanked by bars and café’s and the white sandy beach that Formentera is famous for – away from Chezz Gerdi. We were excited to say hello to Claudio, Mattias and the team so we dropped in for a drink on arrival on Thursday before heading back for lunch on Saturday afternoon.

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Chezz Gerdi is nestled into the rocks at the far end of the promenade, and while it has no beach directly in front of it, it boasts some luxurious loungers for those who want to chill in the sun after lunch and enjoy that spectacular view. We love visiting, and it was nice to soak up the walk from the hotel instead of jumping into the dinghy to make the short trip from the boat. Such is the warm welcome that greets you when you enter Chezz Gerdi, you can’t help but feel part of the family. Even if you’re not dining, chilling out on the terrace and enjoying some drinks while the sun goes down, listening to the restaurant’s playlist, which you can also find and follow on Spotify, is the ideal way to finish the day and watch the sun set. On the cocktail front, the Tulum is the only way to drink mezcal, complemented by lime, agave honey, orange liqueur, Formentera vermouth and angostura and the classic Italian aperitif, the Jaque Mate, with local red vermouth, cherry bloom, Campari, orange bitter and hop cream is a work of art! The cocktail menu is extensive and refreshing. For those that prefer a cold beer, try Chezz Gerdi’s own Birra Riso.

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There’s a real bohemian vibe about Chezz Gerdi, underlined by the array of vintage vehicles painted with “Peace & Love” messages. From the iconic VW camper vans to a classic Italian ice cream truck and moped. It’s a stroke of genius on the part of the Chezz Gerdi team as everyone that visits the restaurant is snapping themselves in front of them and they attract a huge amount of attention from everyone that passes. It’s up there with the most instagrammable spots on the island. It gives a nod to the hippy vibe and adds real character to an already stylish spot. The boutique boasts a range of merchandise that sports the iconic camper van that can be found on the roof of the bar and offers a range of charming mementos to remind you of your time in Chezz Gerdi.

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The kitchen is one or favourite parts of the experience, taking the very best ingredients from Formentera, Spain and Italy and transforming them into a series of sensational dishes, with something for every palate. The menu is not so much a list of the food available as it is a journey through some of the most culturally advanced gastronomic destinations. The array of culinary creations available is the one thing that will have you questioning yourself during your visit, there is so much variety to choose from, making up your mind is never going to be easy. The pizzas are to die for, a special favourite of ours is the aptly name Chezzgerdi, which includes mozzarella, marinated salmon, burrata and valerian, and there is literally a pizza for every taste! Whether you are a lover of sushi, if you have a fascination with fresh fish or can’t get enough meat, the Chezz Gerdi menu is more than capable of exceeding your expectations. We opted for burrata, cherry tomato, artichoke, taggiasca and basil, tagliatelle with duck confit and rocket and Iberian pork with teriyaki sauce and sweet and sour ratatouille and, as always, it was all magnificent.

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Chezz Gerdi is without a doubt one of our favourite restaurants but by no means a one trick pony. This is the ideal spot for a special event, whether that’s a birthday or wedding and it is not opposed to inviting some talented DJs along to soundtrack the evening. Chilling with a drink and friends, listening to great music, catching up on all the gossip and watching the world go by, is the perfect past time. And you do get a chance to watch the world go by, as the location is part of a popular local walk, which regularly brings locals and tourists past the restaurant, where stopping to get as many pics done is a must! Chezz Gerdi, in short, is not a restaurant, its a lifestyle experience that you will never forget and, after you return, the team behind this amazing concept will never forget you. Open until November 4 this year, if you are visiting Ibiza this summer or you live in Ibiza and haven’t had the pleasure yet, make sure you add it to your to do list, you will not be disappointed.

Info & reservations:
t: +34 648 020 106

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