Alter Prepares To Engage Ibiza

Posted on July 19, 2016

Thursdays in Ibiza are becoming brighter: the brand new Alter Ibiza club is welcoming Engage, a weekly residency by Fat Tony. As you might guess by the name, Alter Ibiza is a venue that offers something new and different to the rich palette of the island’s nightlife.

Classy and stylish, it doesn’t resemble the huge dancefloors that were instrumental in catapulting Ibiza to the world’s fame – instead, it’s a more intimate spot luring a more sophisticated clientele with refined taste and a cultivated ear. The name of the new party series is Engage, which is exactly what you want to do in Ibiza. It’s just weird that no one ever has come up with this superb name before – now that it’s taken, it seems to be so genuinely obvious. The over 25 only venue is appealing to an Ibiza demographic that often gets overlooked, with a weekly schedule that offers some of the most exciting Ibiza talent of the last decade, of which Thursday will play an integral part. It’s an intimate venue where everyone is a VIP, where there are no minimum spends on any area and where sensible entry and drinks process rule. With Fat Tony taking on the Thursday night residency, promising to Engage Ibiza on a weekly basis, it promises to be an exciting addition to the island’s nocturnal scene.


So, Engage will be taking place on Thursdays – that night of the week that is not quite weekend yet… but in Ibiza every night is a celebration. The man in charge of the event series will be Fat Tony, the blue-eyed boy of all socialites and jetset, who has been doing his job for more than 35 years, handpicking the most impressive tunes and spinning them for international dancefloors. His formative years took place at Playground at the Lyceum back in the 1980s, and the veterans of London clubbing scene still remember and admire his Total Fashion Victim project that used to make huge waves back in the day. Fat Tony is the favourite DJ of Vogue and Tatler, and the list of celebrities he has played for is simply mind-blowing: Michael Jackson, George Michael, Sade, Madonna… Together with Kate Moss, he is a part of Fat Moss duo. He was booked for the after-party of the United Nations and for London Pride, which thousands of artists can only dream of.


There are more than few reasons to pay a visit to Alter Ibiza on Thursdays. First, it’s always exciting to discover something new. Second, the very name of Fat Tony is a quality standard in itself and speaks volumes. Third, recently the island has been drowning in dark and deep music – which is fun to a certain extent, yet there always should be an alternative. Engage offers that very alternative: Fat Tony confesses that he enjoys being eclectic and taking listeners on a journey. Masterfully mixing old and new tunes, he creates unparalleled sets that make you forget of how quickly time flies by. In one word, don’t hesitate to get engaged!