A Night of Fun and Entertainment at STK Ibiza

Posted on May 29, 2018

Images: Tamara Sini

A quick chauffeur driven car journey away from Ibiza town in the exclusionary haven of superyachts opposite the port of Marina Botafoc you will find the famous STK Ibiza. Now entering its third hugely successful season, STK is not only a luxurious, chic and modern steakhouse but rather a complete dazzling experience. Think glitz and glamour, fun and frolics combined with a fine dining experience unsurpassed by many others and you are on your way to imagining an evening at STK.

I arrived at STK Ibiza and immediately felt the WOW! factor, passing several highly polished supercars parked in front, a refreshingly polite hostess greeted me, I immediately felt at ease as she ushered me towards the doors. Already I could hear the music and laughter from behind and couldn’t wait to be inside. After a quick check in at the front desk by yet more delightful staff, I was walked to the cocktail bar to await my guests. STK is an aesthetically beautiful restaurant, central focus of the main floor is an elevated stage, spacious DJ booth, and dancefloor with surrounding plush dining booths with white leather seating and polished round tables, perfect for that intimate or social dining experience. There is an abundance of ad hoc quirky art features and scenic light projections that illuminate the vast back wall space.


Having met my friends at the bar, we ordered a signature cocktail each, my choice was a ‘Not Your Daddy’s Martini’ an interesting name for an exquisite Belvedere, white chocolate and champagne cocktail that delivered a refreshingly sharp kick. The restaurant by now was literally jumping to the catchy vocal house tunes that were emanating from the booth, courtesy of a talented resident DJ. I watched with interest as two male dancers were busting some expert moves on the stage in front, to the squeals and delight from the adoring crowd below, busy thinking to myself why they were slightly underdressed for this theatrical outburst, I was quick to realise that these were not part of the evenings official entertainment but rather two very enthusiastic diners that had jumped up to entertain their friends and the rest of us.


Finishing off our delicious cocktails and with our food order in place, we sat down at our table, which was in full view of the glittering stage. The sax player was belting out brassy hypnotic sounds to the beats from the DJ, the surrounding tables were clapping along in time and chanting along with the vocals, while navigating their food at the same time. Just as our delicious selection of starters had been devoured, the lights dimmed, and it was showtime. From the upstairs terrace, heading down the staircase entered a larger than life Maleficent character to the cheers of the excited audience below. His body wrapped in black fabric and leather, with a head-dress of menacing horns, he swished onto the stage skilfully moving his arms around him as the black fabric expanded into a huge span of wings. His performance was slick and his audience was in awe as they cheered along.


By now most of the clientele, including ourselves, had adopted the fancy dress accessories of the supersized sunnies and cooling hand fans, provided by Candypants, STK Ibiza’s Saturday night collaboration. There was no stopping this energetic crowd as diners lept up and down from their seats, either for a quick dance or to party with their neighbouring tables. With the quality of the experience up to that point, expectation levels for dinner were high and, without giving anything away, as we have a full food review to follow, those expectations were well and truly exceeded! Stay tuned for the full low down on the delicious fare available in this magnificent establishment. During dinner, the fun doesn’t stop, and our attention was grabbed by a duo juggling act, spinning strings of illuminated balls expertly around their bodies as they twisted themselves into shapes that would be enviable for a contortionist, as well as a scantily clad male dancer dressed in sequins and heels.


Our desserts arrived at the table, jewelled with burning sparklers, a real spectacle while drawing attention from our fellow diners, most of whom by now were heading to the dancefloor and clambering up onto the stage to strut their stuff. The DJ was expertly holding the crowd’s attention, blasting out every chart-busting lyrical house hit from the 90’s onwards. It was an evening of fun and laughter, fine dining, and electric entertainment. The energy within the venue is positively infectious, from the minute you enter until the second you drag yourself out! It promises to be another fantastic summer, if you want to enjoy an experience that will live with you long after your Ibiza adventure has ended, make sure you book your table in advance.

For Further Information & Reservations:
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