Xtravaganza Set For 25th Anniversary

Posted on August 7, 2019

Words: Iain Thomson

Xtravaganza Recordings, seminal UK based label that made a huge impact globally, including Ibiza the late 90’s and onwards, has announced plans to celebrate its 25th year anniversary with a series of events and release on and off the island in 2020. Ahead of those plans, the label has recently released new music from Konstantine, an emotive journey that embodies the spirit and philosophy of the original label. Alex Gold is the man behind the label, an a&r visionary who signed Chicane and Armin van Buuren back in the day, to name only a couple, and a respected DJ that took Xtravaganza from a fledgling label to become one of the most influential of its time.

Founded in 1995, Xtravaganza scored over 15million sales, including two UK number one crossover hits as it would dominate the dance scene in the late 90’s early noughties. Under the stewardship of Alex Gold, a music mad DJ with more than a hint of that entrepreneurial spirit that would see the label become a huge success globally, Xtravaganza hosted huge parties at Privilege and Space in Ibiza, pioneering that emotive dance sound that captured the imagination of a generation. Now living in LA, Alex Gold is back at the helm of his beloved Xtravaganza and not a moment too soon as it gets set to reintroduce itself to Ibiza and a new generation of clubbers.

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25 years is a long time to be delivering ear catching music and well worth celebrating but Alex Gold is not interested in living off past glories, he is keen to re-establish the label with a selection of new signings and new music. The first of which is US based producer Konstantine, who’s euphoric style embodies the ethos of the label. Causing those goose-bump moments in the middle of a party is something that Xtravaganza made its name on, its artists all having that ability to capture the emotions of those listening and translate that into a feeling that swept across dancefloors around the world. Ibiza was one of those destinations that embraced the Xtravaganza sound, those sweeping melodies, euphoric loops and haunting vocals, were the perfect soundtrack for late evenings that turned into early mornings.

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There are no details on the 2020 activity yet but, given that its Xtravaganza and its 25th anniversary, it promises to be a big summer on the island for the famous label. For now, we have a brand new release from the label, as Konstantine announces himself with a selection of tracks that nod to the history of the label while keeping their eyes firmly on the dancefloor’s of today. Stay tuned for more information on Xtravaganza Ibiza 2020…

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