Taking On An Ibiza Residency With Apollonia And Planet Claire At Octan

Posted on August 23, 2019

Words: Kane Allen

Images: La Skimal

Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky are a musical trio like no other. Best friends for years, borne out of the rich Parisian underground club scene, Apollonia is more than a label and more than a group. It’s a natural formation where musical knowledge, chemistry and longer performances come together to create a special night, wherever they play. They are deeply rooted in a musical basement, where you’ll only find the very best. Their style? Uncompromised. Their attitude? Unmoved. Their music? Underground. These are three artists who’ve made it to the top with an unfaltering outlook on DJing.

For this summer, they’ve taken over Octan’s intimate and impressive LAB; a true underground setting, where the Parisian DJ threesome can hold-down a residency fitting to their name and nature. Although this is their first-ever residency, Apollonia are no Ibiza debutants. Whether it’s together or alone, Dan, Dyed and Shonky have brought their funky French house groove to some of the island’s most iconic clubs. For them, this is a big season. Their own Ibiza residency at a place they can call home. After decades of soundtracking memories and moments for other party brands; the Apollonia flag is flying towards Planet Claire, during a time on the island of change, through a fierce and competing clubbing vacuum like no other. Ibiza is in a universe of its own – and changes are happening.

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“I have the feeling it is in transition,” Dan told Essential Ibiza as we sat-down with the French DJ trio in their resident club. “I came in 2000 and people were already telling me Ibiza is over. It’s not like it used to be – yet I had my best time in 20 years. So I guess it’s going to come back and at the moment this is the best time for some people. There aren’t many parties for the underground scene on Ibiza and this island is in a transition at the moment. Some parties aren’t working as they used to be, but it is a cycle and this is an opportunity for us to bring back this scene.”

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“Why I feel good at the moment on the island is because I really have the feeling that we have our own space,” Shonky added, as the pair talked openly about the changes on Ibiza. “What I appreciate at the moment and what makes me feel good is that we have this party that has started. I’m super excited for the next one. I haven’t had this feeling for a while. It’s one of our favourite gigs and now I’m always waiting for Sunday to arrive.”

Having opened part-way through the season, Octan is a refreshingly new clubbing rebrand at the former Sankeys space. It still holds that underground feeling and is still special to Apollonia and the many others who have played in its darkened setting and swear-soaked walls. “As DJs, we really love when you have a proximity to the crowd and the room is perfect for that,” Dyed said. “It’s cool because wherever you are, you can dance on the balcony or on the dancefloor: everyone is in the party.” It’s something Shonky still believes, too. “We love the room and we love the set-up. The position of the bars, the balcony here and the booth is perfect. The room is adapted to our needs as we want this kind of intimacy that can be missing on the island,” he said.

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“Having such an intimate space is special for the party, but it also allows us to bring the guests we admire and respect, giving them the recognition they deserve on the island. They are a mirror of our music,” Dan explained. “We have the old school with someone like Mark E Quark, who is an inspiration to us. Then you have the new school with Nicolas Lutz and Omar or even Doc Martin from across the time. It is the mirror of the Apollonia set.” Shonky, too, showed enthusiasm to the project and the level of control they have over their Planet Claire residency. “It’s the first year that we have our own proper residency where we can choose the direction of the night so for us that’s exciting. It’s an exciting year for sure.”

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Plans are often changed on Ibiza. Often they’re evolved, sometimes thrown out. When it comes to owning a club night, you never know which way it can go. With Octan opening its doors part-way through this season, plans had to happen fast – but that doesn’t mean Planet Claire was unprepared. “It was very last minute,” Dyed said. “But we thought about it for a while,” Shonky assured with a smile. “We didn’t know whether it would open or not, but we were ready to be ready for it, if it did; but what was cool was the Sunday situation. We had 100% positive answers for our guests, so we were very grateful for that,” Dan added. “For sure, what was waiting already was the musical direction. We knew the artists we wanted to invite,” Dyed said, as a conclusion was made: an Apollonia residency has been long-awaited, both by White Isle underground revellers and the three DJs themselves.

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Just like their Planet Claire residency, Apollonia as a group was unforced. “There was no plan behind it. The idea was just to do a label. In the end, it just happened naturally as we always played together,” said Dyed. “We had our own label then we had an opportunity to properly play together at Cassy’s birthday and she gave us nine hours. We’ve been playing together for a long time. Dan was our favourite DJ and we would support him and then we were allowed to go to the after-party and play with him. It just happened naturally.” Stepping into Octan’s impressive and atmospheric LAB, you can witness that natural chemistry for yourself. One Sunday night on Planet Claire will leave you wanting more – no need to force it.

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