Shift Fear With Love: Discover Source Healing In Ibiza

Posted on June 15, 2019

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

Famous for its magical energy, Ibiza is an island where if you open your mind and seek to learn more about alternative ways of thinking, living and healing yourself, you can be enlightened. Amongst the diverse offering of spiritual treatments, Mathieu Iking has established himself as a trusted expert in Source Healing, a therapy that works with the energy fields of the body. Working on all levels including the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual, people come and see Mathieu for everything from aches and pains to stress and anxiety. We went to visit him at his tranquil San Mateo finca to find out more and were soon captivated as he explained the possibilities of the unique technique he has developed over the years.

If you are leaning towards scepticism, it is important to point out that Mathieu far from ‘away with the fairies’ to use the common colloquialism. Gently-spoken, intelligent and self-aware, he was the first to admit that some of the concepts we discussed can sound outlandish to the untrained ear. By his own account, his journey into Source Healing was a gradual process led by his heart and intuition, while his mind watched on with a level of disbelief. He told us, “I was running my own advertising agency in Holland, but around 15 years ago I began to question the sense and meaning of my life as I had lived it up until then. I liked my work, but I wondered if there shouldn’t be other things in life as well. Around that time, I met the mother of my child and we went on a spiritual journey together. She wanted to go and explore the world, and she already had a connection to Spain, so I followed her to Ibiza. Like a lot of people I had preconceptions about it being a party island, but when I got here I fell in love immediately. It hit me like a hammer on the head that I wanted to live here.”

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It would still take a few years for Mathieu to make the move to Ibiza, but during this time he began his journey on the path of becoming a healer. “I became interested in doing a course in Quantum Touch, which is an energy healing technique similar to Reiki. I had seen three adverts in three different places for it, so I thought maybe it was a sign and I felt really drawn towards it, “ he recalled. “I liked it, but it didn’t feel like I had an epiphany. Shortly afterwards, a psychic friend of mine gave me a book to read about Reconnective Healing and as I read, I felt an energy flowing.”

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From there, Mathieu followed his inner calling to educate himself further and learn the methods of Reconnective Healing, and as he continued on his path he noticed profound physical and spiritual changes within himself. Eventually, he took the plunge and followed his heart to Ibiza. Through healing work on himself, he realised that his purpose as a practitioner was not to follow existing techniques, but to develop his own method. He started downloading what he describes as “healing frequencies”, explaining, “We are all made out of energy. This might already sound mind-blowing to some people, but at the core we are all made up of trillions of cells made of energy and vibrating at different levels. Once you open your mind to this concept, we can start to talk about energy healing.

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“A disease vibrates at a low level, but if you think of it like a musical pitchfork, the low vibration will always rise to match a higher vibration. During a treatment, I invite healing frequencies into the space and each person will resonate with a different one according to what they need. When you come into connection with a high frequency, all your fears that have put dis-ease into your body will come up for you to look at them. So when the high frequency of love shines a light on your fears, then it has to go. This is why some people will feel emotional during a treatment, or feel a physical pain leave their body.”

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Without further ado, it was time for us to hop on the treatment table and try Source Healing for ourselves. While it is, of course, a deeply subjective and personal experience that will be different for each and every person – and, as Mathieu told us, different every single session – but thanks to his calm presence and respectful manner it didn’t feel awkward at all. During the treatment, he didn’t use direct touch, but rather interacted with the energy field around the body. In this instance, it felt deeply relaxing and we noticed a few twitches here and there as the frequencies shifted. In front of the inner eye, different colours and images appeared, which we were assured was perfectly normal and each has a different meaning.

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What wasn’t subjective was the immediate and undeniable effect the treatment had as Mathieu encouraged us to look into the mirror directly afterwards. Our eyes were noticeably brighter than we had seen them in a long time. Then, Mathieu sat down with us to explain the steps he had taken during the treatment and the observations he had made. Personally, the Source Healing session left us feeling calmer, more focussed, mentally clearer and self-assured – all very helpful emotions and qualities during the busy summer season – but, as Mathieu told us, the possibilities of what can be achieved when you open your mind to the power of Source Healing are limitless!

Mathieu Iking offers both private and group Source Healing sessions (both in person and remotely) as well as the Personal Reconnection. You can find more information and prices on his website

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