Outstanding Nikkei Cuisine & Magical Ambience At Coricancha

Posted on July 13, 2019

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Images: La Skimal

The White Isle has long been revered for its magical atmosphere, but there are some occasions where everything falls into place for an extra special night to remember. Offering stunning views over the famous Salinas salt fields, a naturally beautiful al fresco dining area and a quite simply outstanding culinary offering from start to finish, Coricancha Ibiza is a foodie destination where the magic happens!

Located within the picturesque village of Sant Francesc on the road that leads towards the famous Salinas beach, Coricancha is part of the world-famous Blue Marlin Ibiza group’s island portfolio and first opened its doors in the summer of 2016. The concept was inspired by ancient South American folklore and is named after the Temple of the Sun in Cusco, Peru, where the sun god Inti was worshipped. Honouring the mythical tale of the union between Inti and his sister, the moon, who sent their two children to teach humankind how to farm the land and care for the animals, in this spirit Coricancha fuses innovative and ancient techniques combined with quality ingredients from Peru, Japan and Ibiza for its own unique style of gastronomic alchemy.

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Having visited the restaurant on a couple of special occasions previously, we were excited to return for a sunset dinner with friends. As we made our way into the spacious garden we were greeted by a hypnotic and exotic electronica remix of Fleetwood Mac classic Dreams that somehow managed to make pan flutes sound cool and sonically transported us to the jungles of South America. Led by our friendly hostess, who handed us crisp glasses of cava to welcome us, we walked past large wooden statues of Aztec deities and up to the sunset terrace, which overlooks the expanse of the salt flats. The sun was already making its descend, bathing the glittering pools of water in an orange glow and, to our delight, the elusive Salinas flamingos were gathered nearby!

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Coricancha is known for its carefully curated menu of artisanal cocktails, mixed with homemade ingredients and hand-gathered adornments where possible. With the menu divided into sections dedicated to the five elements, we chose the silky Wind from the Air category, an elegantly fruity mix of Absolut Elyx vodka, St. Germain, Martini Dry, sweet melon puree and G.H. Mumm for a hint of sparkle. The potent Moture from the Fire collection had a zesty kick thanks to the bittersweet combination of suze, lime, chichi de jora reduction, mango puree and Grey Goose vodka. Rounding off this tantalising round of aperitifs was a bowl of crunchy yucca chips accompanied by a moreish yellow cream cheese and garlic dip – the Nikkei version of the usual pan y aioli.

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Coricancha’s menu is a veritable smorgasbord of Asian and South American treats; some fusion, some paying homage to just one culture. From zesty ceviches and tiraditos to hearty anticucho prepared on the Robata, fresh sushi, fish, salads and premium meats, you are truly spoilt for choice. What all of them have in common is that each and every single one is utterly, mouth-wateringly delicious. Leaving the food choices in the expert hands of Coricancha’s knowledgeable team, the first plates soon began to arrive at our table. This is where we have to start with the superlatives. The Ceviche Nikkei dazzled with delicate chunks of wild Norwegian Salmon, creamy avocado, refreshing Dutch cucumber, exotic daikon and kumquat fruit and a topping dried nori seaweed, all floating in a heavenly zesty sauce of yuzu tigermilk and tamarind. A unique take on the classic raw fish sushi, the inside-out Anticuchero Wagyu Maki roll was filled with crunchy green asparagus, pickled daikon, shiso leaf and caramelised onions, and –drum roll, please – topped with the finest slithers of aromatic Wagyu beef. Another treat from the Ceviche Bar, the Ceviche Barranco wowed with its contrasting textures and flavour explosions thanks to its mix of crispy squid and plump prawns submerged in spicy yellow pepper tiger milk, juxtaposed against delicate salmon chunks.

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With the plates continuing to arrive, the next showstopper was a simple anticucho skewer of the most aromatic, melt-in-the-mouth lamb we have (possibly) ever had the pleasure of tasting. One of our guests, a much loved and passionate Ibiza cook herself, exclaimed, “These are amazing, the best I’ve had outside of my own.’ Very, very high praise indeed, trust us! Last, but by no means least, we were blown away by the Causa sushi roll, which used the softest – yet firm enough to be picked up by hand – mashed potato as a base, and was topped with utterly addictive crispy squid and avocado slices. We instantly recognised this as a potential problem, as we will now have to return to Coricancha regularly to satisfy our new craving.

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Alas, the feast had only just begun. Next up, a selection of divine mains encouraged us to keep going despite our rapidly filling tummies. The grilled Norwegian Salmon Teriyake was buttery soft and perfectly moist, served on crunchy quinoa chaufa with a side of crunchy vegetables and pak choy. Juicy chunks of wok-sauteed Wagyu beef loin served in a tangy sauce and complimented by creamy tagliatelle was the ultimate in culinary satisfaction thanks to the rich flavours and deft textures, however, the title of ‘pièce de résistance’ of the night went to the honey-coated pork ribs. The aromatic meat fell off chunky bones before melting in the mouth, a total indulgence that can only be described as #foodporn.

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Almost defeated but always willing to try more of Coricancha’s culinary excellence, we decided to share a couple of desserts despite the risk of exploding. The deconstructed banana and passion fruit cheesecake offered an exotic variation on the international favourite, a light summer night’s dream complete with refreshing sorbet. For those with a serious sweet tooth, the coconut milk flan topped with fluffy chocolate mousse will take them straight to culinary Cloud Nine. Seeing us fast approach a food coma the dedicated Coricancha team tempted us with one more delicacy; a homemade good night chupito and palette cleanser. True to its name, the Wudu arrived in a mysterious cloud of smoke; a devilish mix of white Vermouth and vodka that tasted innocently sweet and light but packed a potent punch. All senses sated, we dreamily wandered out of magical Coricancha, once again reassured that this exotic culinary destination remains at the top of its game.

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