Pukka Up Presents WNDRLND

Posted on March 22, 2019

Words: Iain Thomson

Pukka Up is all set for another huge summer in Ibiza, announcing its return to Eden on Saturday night with the fully revamped WNDRLND, featuring even more production, its famous electric atmosphere and a collaboration with respected brands Hedkandi, Judgement, Garlands and Retro. Kicking off on Saturday May 25 and running until September 21, it promises to be the biggest summer yet for the famous club brand.


Having established the Saturday night party in Eden as a go to for lovers of uplifting dance music, in its previous guise of Tropical Wonderland, the new look WNDRLND promises to take those foundations and carry the residency to a completely new level. From May 25 until September 21 expect an assortment of club themes, production that will transform the famous Ibiza venue every week and a selection of collaborations with a series of high level clubbing peers. WNDRLND will invite Hedkandi, Judgement, Garlands and Retro to join the fun throughout the summer, delivering a truly heavyweight option for Saturday night in Eden Ibiza. Hedkandi celebrates its 20th anniversary this summer with a special collaboration with WNDRLND on July 6. Judge Jules’ mighty Judgement party returns to the scene of numerous roadblock parties on June 1; Liverpool based super-party Garlands will drop in on August 3 and there are three Retro dates to look forward to June 8, July 27 and August 31.


Three themes will punctuate the WNDRLND season; Voodoo, Wilderness and Down The Rabbit Hole, each with its own identity. Voodoo will deliver a palate of tribal décor, sugar skull performances, tribal performers and cursed skulls while Wilderness takes inspiration from the previously successful Tropical Wonderland party with colourful décor, creeping vines, flamingos, huge Amazonian flowers, tropical dancers and herds of psychedelic, illuminated animals. The final theme, Down The Rabbit Hole, will offer an Alice In Wonderland vibe with décor, dancers, hanging clocks, playing cards and an enchanted forest production. The season opener can’t come quick enough as the Pukka Up crew are set for a summer to remember.


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