Lee Burridge Dreams Of Ibiza

Posted on May 21, 2019

Words: Olivia Ebeling

Languid, immersive and uplifting, Lee Burridge’s internationally renowned All Day I Dream brand celebrates the joy of laid-back daytime clubbing. What began as an intimate rooftop gathering in Brooklyn, New York, back in 2011 now commands crowds in some of the world’s hottest party destinations such as Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Moscow, Beirut, Dubai and – of course – Ibiza! 

After a successful first season on the White Isle, this summer the underground icon and musical trailblazer is returning and setting up home in the sprawling and magical grounds of Cova Santa, with the Balearic Blue Season Opening slated for Thursday, May 23rd. We quizzed the maestro of dreamy, sexy electronica on his plans for his second Ibicencan summer…

ADID is back for a second season on the White Isle. Why is Ibiza such a great fit for your concept?
I think it’s the attitude the island brings out in those who go there. There’s an excitement to be there. There’s the island’s energy itself and people go to have a musical experience of some sort or another. They are free of their usual worries and responsibilities and I think people feel their best selves there.

Can you give us any sneaky hints about what people can expect this summer?
I think I should tell you what not to expect. For some reason certain people think the mood of the party is really slow and therefore kind of boring. I’ve heard it (always from people who actually haven’t been) a few times. Expect to actually hear and dance your ass off to some beautiful, trippy, warm, fun, dreamy music with killer grooves. Sure, the musical journey has peaks and valleys but if you close your eyes it can take you to some pretty amazing places. Obviously, you’re never going to hear a banging man trance set (or ‘Mance’ as it’s now been coined by Oona Dahl) but it’s pretty sexy music to dance to and great to get your bliss fix from.

You have moved to a new venue, the fantastical Cova Santa. What was it like having a new space to play with, especially one so sprawling and multi-levelled?
It’s going to be a work in progress but we love a challenge. Obviously, I want to keep our visual flavour and themes and plan to build on each experience as we go. Every time we start in a venue is going to be more difficult initially but I have a great team so, fingers crossed, we will carry on spreading love and creating the All Day I Dream aesthetic.

How do you go about curating your line-ups for Ibiza?
It’s fairly easy to curate the line-ups as everyone is an All Day I Dream artist from the label. I’m somewhat limited by the length of the party so there are only three artists playing each show. I’m not a big fan of short DJ sets just to pad out the line-up and I like each artists to tell a story with their musical selections but try to program each event so there’s a flow between the DJs as well as in their individual sets. The line-ups are a mixture of the emerging artists on the label as well as some of the more established. Myself and Yokoo are the residents again this year, so that also makes things fairly straight-forward too.

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Where do you find inspiration for the decorations and production?
A mixture of things. Burning Man always inspires and pushes me. I also have consciously tried to create organic, pretty environments that compliment or contrast the spaces we work in. For example, the starkness of Brooklyn back in the day when the events started was offset by the softness of the material and the natural beauty of the flowers. Cova Santa is already rich in nature so our work is somewhat easier there. I also find inspiration in the people who have supported me since day one. Their vibrance in the way they dress or the energy they exude always stimulates new ideas. Finally, I tend to wake up, at least once a year, from a vivid dream and scribble down what ranges from nonsense to what actually ends up being built. I’ve no idea where my brain finds these ideas but guess it’s a combination of always looking at everything as I travel.

ADID is a global success and you have brought it to some of the world’s most amazing locations. What do you think is the secret behind its universal popularity?
The vibe is actually the same everywhere we’ve been. It’s always an amazing balance of really positive, happy, open-minded souls who love to dance but also appreciate being a part of a very welcoming community. There are so many people out there that want to find others they resonate with. All Day I Dream seems to amplify and encourage that. There’s plenty of conversation going on as well as having a great experience with the music. I think not making it all about the DJ or even the music alone, and that music not trading solely on energy gives people a moment to explore each other, too. Also, when I started the events a lot of parties had a huge disparity between male and female numbers. I’m not joking that I saw dancefloors with 90% men in attendance. I consciously created a party first and foremost for girls. It’s their party. Obviously, the party is for everyone but I wanted to give girls something that belonged to them.

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When you are not playing in Ibiza, what is your ideal day on the island when you have downtime?
Step into the ocean and float. Watch the sunset from one of the beaches. Explore the island’s restaurants. Go to bed before Tuesday!

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