Clara Da Costa Set For Ibiza 2015

Posted on February 12, 2015

Clara Da Costa is a fully paid up member of Ibiza’s resident DJ club, the men and women that provide the glue that holds the island party scene together in and out of season. With over two decades of island experience under her belt, Clara has played an integral part in the evolution of the island from her early days as a 17 year-old resident and club/ events director at prominent venue Es Paradis to her ground breaking Jacks House radio show on Ibiza Sonica nowadays. If anyone has any aspirations of moving to Ibiza and making it as a resident on the clubbing capital, Clara Da Costa is the perfect role model. With 23 years as an islander, she has shown a drive, ambition, hard work ethic, a genuine appreciation for her art and an understanding of her surroundings, which has contributed to her becoming one of the finest DJs on the island as well as a valuable member of the community. As opening dates and line-ups start doing the rounds, the clubbing world turns its attention towards the forthcoming 2015 season, we caught up with Clara…


Ibiza is easing into spring and the summer season is looming large on the horizon, living on the island all year round, what is you favourite time of year?
Every season is so distinctive and the all have their good points but it has to be summer with spring coming in a close second. I love summer because I love music and in the summer, there is music in abundance. The sun is always shining, people are smiling and regular dips in the sea are a blessing. What more could you want?

Does Ibiza still inspire you?
Absolutely. Anyone that feels the spirit of Ibiza knows why. If you embrace the spirit, you can always feel inspired. It is hard to put into words as it’s more of a feeling (for me anyway). This place makes you believe in your dreams and makes you fight harder for them. To survive on this island, you have to fight for what you desire or it is game over.

Becoming an Ibiza resident DJ is the dream of countless DJs around the world, but it’s not just a glamorous title, it comes with its fair share of responsibility, what does it mean to you?
You do not get a degree for being a DJ, but many of us here should have. The resident DJs here really care about what they play and that people are dancing and often pull off quality marathon sets too. It has been so long now (23 years) as a resident here, that I know little different and am lucky to play the venues all over the island. All I know is that I still love it as much as I did the day I started here. Resident DJs in Ibiza can get a little disheartened sometimes as often feel they do not get the respect that is due, which can often be the case, but overall, we are a happy bunch with a fantastic job. I might add too that, if any night with a guest DJ on is not getting results on the dancefloor, you can guarantee that an experienced Ibiza resident will fix that. This is true because of the years and hours that are put in. We just know what we have to do and most of us over the years have had countless bar/club owners on the case. Ibiza resident DJs are often under a lot of pressure. To be a good one, you have to breathe, eat and sleep music and be able to read a crowd well.

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You played an integral part in Es Paradis when it was one of the island’s most important venues during the nineties, how pleasing was it to see the return of Clockwork Orange in 2014, one of the biggest island parties at that time?
Yes, those were great years and everything worked differently back then. I was resident at the club and events director at 17! Not so much money was being thrown around back then and although DJs got decent fees, it is not like now where some acts are earning a fortune. Promoters back then took full responsibility for their nights and worked hard. Danny Gould and Andy Manston (Clockwork Orange) had permanent dark tans from hitting all the beaches with their PR teams. The club was guaranteed to be at full capacity all through hard graft. They did not disappoint last year when they made a return to the club celebrating their 20th anniversary to another full house and an incredible beach party to boot at Sands in Playa Den Bossa. They will be back this year for another Clockwork Orange knees up in July.

You are playing at the season opening party in Saturday May 16, should we expect to see you in the club more often in 2015?
Yes, it is great to be back to play the opening party also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the club. I played 17 openings consecutively but have not been back for the past 5 years. I am helping the club out with a few things and I put the opening lineup together for this year just using island residents, which has received a great response from the islanders. It will be myself, Jason Bye, DJ Oliver, Angel Linde and long time resident Steeve Valverde on the May 16. More clubs need to support the island resident DJs, they never disappoint. So far I have no plans to do more dates there but you never know. I will continue with my other residencies across the island and guest spots.

When do you start looking to the new season and planning, is there anything you can tell us about what you will be up to this summer?
All the planning for the new season is underway. Most people start organising the season in December going into full force after the new year. There will be projects, parties and gigs to announce soon. I am also hard at it in my studio with another release coming out at the end of February exclusively on Traxsource on Black Rock records, with a remix from Steve Mac. I would also like to mention (for the sake of all female producers) I do it all myself and there are no ghost-writers involved. For some reason, some people seem to think that women cannot do it alone!


Jacks House on Ibiza Sonica continues to go from strength to strength, with many of the world’s finest DJs and producers dropping in to visit you in the studio, what should we be looking out for in the coming months?
I absolutely love radio and I do the show 100% live, unless I am away working. It is into its 6th year now and I put my heart and soul into it. The show is 90% based on very upfront, new music (mainly deep and tech house) that I am showcasing, sometimes up to six months before their release date. I have put in a great deal of effort to make good relationships with the labels and producers that I champion and most importantly a great trust for the material being shared in the correct way (only via the airwaves, not even my friends can get a track from me unless it is mine). I make sure that each track gets presented with all the info – producer, release date, label, remix name, format etc. It takes me days to select the 10 or more tracks on a weekly basis and I keep up to date with all of my charts too. It is a big commitment to get it right. I do not use my show to showcase myself as a DJ, as in I am not doing a typical DJ set. It is purely and simply about the music although I produce, present and mix the show live myself and also manage to do a live chat via my Jacks House facebook group where people come together or can ask the name of the last track if they missed it. It is a show that encourages people to support artists and buy music. A large percentage of the music I play is often only released on vinyl, perhaps with a digital release sometime later. I have had some amazing guests in and have supported quite a lot of fresh talent too. Last year alone I had everyone from DJ Sneak, Alex Arnout (a regular) and Enzo Siragusa, to fresher talent like Hanfry Martinez and Javier Carballo, Francesco Robustelli Crocodile Soup, Jerome C and more. I do not have a guest in too often but will not pass up the chance to get them in if they are over in the summer months. Sorry I could go on forever about the show, I love it. Basically the show continues to grow with an incredible audience on an incredible radio station (Ibiza Sonica) You can expect more fresh talent to drop by and fresh music every week guaranteed.

As momentum continues to build towards Ibiza 2015, what are you most looking forward to?
I am just looking forward to playing music, getting involved with some great parties and hanging out with likeminded people. I am also looking forward to the warm sunshine and stunning summer sunsets. It is not too bad here in the winter, but you can’t beat jumping in the sea on a daily basis. It is a true privilege. I love where I live.

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