Yaya Rocks Mikaela and Friends

Posted on August 20, 2015

Italy has given the world quite a few prominent techno DJs – one of them Yaya, born in Torino to the family of a musician. After buying his first pair of decks at the age of 17, Yaya headed to Ibiza for the very first time the following year and has visited the island regularly ever since. This season he debuted in Amnesia at the new HYTE Ibiza party and performed twice for the equally fresh Love The Underground/ Mikaela & Friends series of events – first in Sankeys Ibiza at the season pre-opening, then in the intimate and stylish Tox Club Privé in Destino during peak season.

Mikaela & Friends has been a strong and welcome addition to the weekly underground diet this summer, assembling a series of top drawer line ups for its Saturday night party. It has steadily grown week by week, as all of the best parties do, and now enjoys a capacity crowd that is passionate and vocal when it comes to its house music. The latest adventure saw Yaya deliver a customary inspirational performance, taking the packed crowd on a journey it will not forget in a hurry. There is something about cutting edge dance music and dark venues with low ceilings and bog sound systems that just works! Mikaela & Friends still has a few weeks left of its Ibiza debut and the next party on Saturday August 22 sees the impressive line-ups continue as Butch headlines with Jay Lumen, Rjay Murphy and Mikaela completing the musical offering. Still under the impression of his infectious and inspirational last Saturday’s set, we had a chance to talk to Yaya about his vision of Ibiza 2015, the essence of Love The Underground concept and his long-standing friendship with Loco Dice.

Yaya 01

What are your impressions of Ibiza 2015 so far?
I’ve been coming to Ibiza for 12 years already, the island has changed quickly every year. I have noticed more tourists, compared with the past years, and some say the island has become more commercial. But personally, I can feel always the same energy playing in Ibiza, the unique vibes that are available only here!

What was your greatest moment while playing in Ibiza this summer?
This year I played for the first time at Amnesia and I have fulfilled one of my biggest dreams since I was a youngster. It was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget for my whole life.

When a new party is in the process of establishing itself in Ibiza, people are always curious to know what it’s all about. In your opinion, what is the essence of Mikaela & Friends, and what does it offer to the island’s scene?
It brings lot of artists coming from different realities. I think that is a good mix for Ibiza’s scene, to introduce a new concept…

Yaya 02
Yaya 03

How meaningful is it for you as an artist to be often playing together with Loco Dice?
I’ve known Loco Dice for many years already, I have a great relationship with him and he’s the person with whom I am playing better. Every time we play together I feel such positive energy, that I can only experience when I’m with him.

Every season brings more and more alternatives to big nightclubs on the island: beach parties, daytime parties… Personally, at what time of the day/night and in which environment do you prefer to play?
For me it’s 100% daytime parties, or even better if after-parties! In my opinion, these are the best moments to have fun.

How are things on the production front? What upcoming releases can we expect from you?
Soon I will have a CD out on Kina Music with Lorenzo Chiabotti, and other artists such as Re-Up, Fernando Costantini, Loquace and Crocodile Soup.

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Mikaela Flyer