Wally Lopez Controls The Heart Beat Of Ibiza

Posted on September 10, 2017

Words: Jason Eybe

Images: Tamara Sini

Wally Lopez returned to the clubbing capital this summer with a Friday night residency in HEART Ibiza, the forward-thinking venue in the centre of the Marina district. Instrumental in the evolution of the Ibiza scene, he has made several appearances recently but this summer saw a return to a regular residency.

The Spanish pioneer has blazed a global trail for over a decade and a half, including Ibiza, and has cleared a path for many of his fellow countrymen to follow. He is one of a small band of Spanish artists that has inspired the current crop that is dominating the cooler global dancefloors and charts. Ibiza 2017 saw him welcome a series of high profile guests to join him in offering a house vibe to kick off the weekend and the tribes embraced the new concept.


Paris based artist Popof and Horacio Cruz, one of the hottest new artists coming out of Spain, were the latest guests to join Wally Lopez, as they got the HEART Ibiza weekend off to a flyer. HEART Ibiza has established itself as a bonafide club space that has captured the attention of the tribes on the island. Floor to ceiling LED walls offer the video technicians carte blanche when it comes to transforming the venue. It makes for spectacular viewing as well as a fully immersive club experience for all that enter. The crowd is truly cosmopolitan, hailing from the four corners of the globe in search of the unique experienced that HEART Ibiza offers and, on this occasion it a house and techno journey at the hands of three talented protagonists.


Each DJ took turns to control the packed floor, with some of the finest cutting-edge beats and a few classics thrown in, add the spectacular visuals and the result was one of the most vibrant atmosphere’s. HEART Ibiza offers a great space for all ages to enjoy world-class entertainment, from the early cabaret with dinner to the collaborations with some of the most exciting DJs and parties that keep the party rocking into the wee small hours. The biggest cheer of the night was saved for Spanish pioneer Wally Lopez, those famous coloured glasses sitting just above a huge grin as he took the floor on a journey packed with amazing tunes. Hands in the air moments, songs to sing along to and the odd confetti explosion made for a high-energy, positive vibe as his Heart Beat residency continued spreading the feel-good house beats he is famous for. It was a fantastic start to our weekend and there are still chances to catch the party before the shutters come down. Make sure you have your tickets in advance.