Talkin Terrys In Can Tixedo

Posted on September 18, 2013

Ibiza has consistently set the musical bar for the rest of the year in clubland, unearthing some of the biggest tunes throughout the summer that will reverberate around the world and fill the more discerning dancefloors. These big tunes are more often than not discovered by the Ibiza resident DJs, the guys and girls that are out there every night playing in venues around the island, making sure the floor is warmed up for the headline international guest or delivering that memorable set in an intimate venue filled with workers. The resident DJs that live and work on the island year after year make a significant contribution to the island both during the summer season and through the winter, where they keep Ibiza dancing.

Four such residents that have contributed considerably to the fabric of the island over the last decade and who are grabbing headlines of their own through stellar DJs performances and production are Clara Da Costa, Alex Wolfenden, Jason Bye and Andy Baxter. Essential invited the four DJs to join us in Can Tixedo, one of the island’s numerous restaurant gems, hidden from the hustle and bustle of the resorts, and talk us through the tunes that have been making their respective dancefloors move this summer. Can Tixedo sits on the crossroads in Buscastells, an authentic Ibiza art café that offers a delicious tapas menu, that we found out, much to our delight, when manager Juan invited us to sample most of the dishes on the menu!

Can Tixedo
Can Tixedo

As we nibble our way through a seemingly never-ending wave of delicious tapas dishes, we talk tunes, with the Ibiza residents picking two of their favourite tracks from the summer…

Clara has an impressive Ibiza history, having played at many of the island’s cooler parties during her tenure on the island. Nowadays you can catch her on Ibiza Sonica radio presenting her Jacks House show as well as regularly appearing poolside in Es Vive on a Sunday afternoon and in Eden club on Thursday night.

Track 1.
Artist: Samu.l ‘Have It Like That (People Are Sleeping EP)’ (Dogmatik)

Firstly I love this label, owned and run by Alex Arnout, who helped launch the careers of talents such as Maya Jane Coles and Dusky. Samu.l is one of the latest new talents to have a track picked up and signed by Dogmatik. As soon as I heard it, I knew it would be a favourite (the whole EP is great). I have played it so many times on my show (Jacks House, Ibiza Sonica) and in the clubs here in Ibiza and I never tire of hearing it. It is so brilliantly and tightly produced with an incredible arrangement. Around three minutes into the track, a long break down starts, which goes on for about two minutes keeping the groove going and then reaching a cool crescendo of military influenced percussion before dropping back in with the strong kick and rolling bass line. It always receives a great reaction on the dancefloor. Samu.l is one to watch out for.

Track 2.
Jovonn ‘You’ (Dogmatik)

Another amazing signing from Dogmatik but on a different tip. This track is produced by Brooklyn born Jovonn who has an impressive discography and is just stunning from start to finish. It has a laidback summer vibe to it with the most amazing original house groove and old school but current sound. A great half spoken/sung vocal dips in and out throughout the track, laid over some awesome synths with simple but effective bright percussion. The kick and bassline are so good that I challenge anyone to not get head nodding to this one. This has a strong and long shelf life of pure quality. I always play this at Es Vive for my Sunday Liquid Sound poolside sessions and always get asked to write it down when they can’t detect it on Shazam. It is also perfect for warming up with. ‘You’ has just been released on vinyl.

Jason Bye is one of the longest serving Café Mambo residents with an ability to set the musical mood no matter what time of day. Whether you are relaxing as the sun disappears or in the middle of the dancefloor at peak time o’clock, Jason has you covered. We Love Space resident and frequent flyer to gigs around the world, he has an acute understanding of what makes the floor move.

Track 1.
James Dexter ‘Rising’ (LARGE)

I picked this up early on in the season and have been playing it ever since. It has a very classic house and garage feel and the production is superb. From start to finish it just rides like all good house music should. No gimmicks, just proper beats. Signed to the Chicago house label Large.

Track 2.
Ebbo Riginal ‘Organic’ (PMT)

I signed this track to Playmore Terrys from a young Amsterdam producer by the name of Ebbo Kraan. I find it amazing that someone who wasn’t even born when I started DJing has very similar influences and production ideas as myself. The track has a Morels Groove kinda vibe going on and has been massive on the terrace at Space this year. Currently no.4 in the DMC buzz chart…

Can Tixedo

Alex plays out across the island throughout the summer, featuring at many of the cooler parties. When he’s not in the booth or on the dancefloor he’s in the studio as one half of the promising combo Acid Mondays, a duo that has been responsible for one of the bigger tunes of this summer. Originally from Liverpool, Alex can be found touring the UK and beyond in the winter when he’s not on the island.

Track 1
Green Velvet ‘Bigger Than Prince Martinez Brothers Remix’ (Circus Recordings)

Heard this been played everywhere this summer, from Loco Dice at Used + Aabused, Zoo Project and DC10. It’s a track that sneaks in and drops with some serious energy. Green Velvet’s personality with the energetic vibe from the bro’s is a great combination that has to been seen and heard on the dancefloor.

Track 2:
Acid Monday ‘Got To Get Higher Delano Smith Remix’ (Illusion Recordings)

With support from the likes of Raresh, Laurnet Garnier and Terry Francis, this is getting played in in clubs such as DC10 Ibiza and Fabric London, radio support worldwide and charted from DJs across all genres. This has been the grower track of the summer making its way into most DJ sets or records bags.

It’s been a big summer for Andy Baxter, having pivked up the best resident DJ at the DJ Awards in Pacha at the end of the 2012 season he has signed with IBZ Entertainment, started a new residency in Booom! Ibiza and delivered his debut Essential Mix for Pete Tong and Radio 1. Like the rest of these Ibiza residents, the passion for music is there, when not playing you can find them all out listening to other DJs and checking out other Ibiza clubs.

Track 1
Guti ‘Hope’ (DFTD)

It delivers a warm, friendly, organic groove with beautiful percussion and a sweet vocal, resulting in an amazing track that can be played both very early in sets or very late. This makes it a diverse all round star. Thank you snr Guti.

Track 2
Mirror People ‘Kaleidoscope (Psychemagik Remix)’

This guy has managed to turn heads over the years, with his brilliant disco funk and Balearic edits of super obscure tunes. This, on the other hand, is a euphoric, deep house number with a real Ibiza style Balearic twist. Countless times people ask me what this track is, and it’s a firm favourite within the Mambo camp, making this a tune with longevity.

You can hear both tracks, on my essential mix, which aired 31/08/13…

Can Tixedo

Stick the date in your diary, October 2 in Pearl, Ocean Beach Ibiza, you can find all four of the trusty DJs in their Lady & The Tramps guise as they deliver one last hangover and celebrate the amazing season that has just passed. It’s the perfect way to end the summer, in the company of great people, listening to some of the finest tunes that have made the island dance all summer as well as a few classics from years gone by.