Sirus Hood Talks Audio Rehab Ibiza

Posted on June 21, 2017

Words: Iain Thomson

Ibiza 2017 sees the emergence of Eden Ibiza once more as a powerhouse on the island, on the back of several high profile weekly residents. One such resident is respected UK club brand Audio Rehab, which has swapped regular sold-out parties in London’s Ministry Of Sound for the west end of san Antonio and a Wednesday night summer residency in Eden Ibiza.

The launch party on June 14 saw a huge crowd turn out to welcome the new season, as Audio Rehab got its Ibiza adventure off to a flyer with Low Steppa, Martin Akin, Carnao Bats and Derek Radford in the booth. There are highlights to be found all through the summer with talented, ground breaking artists occupying every line-up; German Bigante, Flashmob and Tapesh are just some of the celebrated talent on show as Audio Rehab shows the clubbing capital just why it is one of the biggest parties in the UK’s capital. We caught up with Sirus Hood to get an idea of what we can expect from Audio Rehab Wednesday this summer in Eden Ibiza…

AudioRehab 002

You’ve enjoyed a good start to your season in Eden Ibiza, what made the venue the right choice for Audiorehab?
Eden is one of the best clubs in Ibiza and the best one in San Antonio. It’s massive and the sound system blows you away. It’s also the meeting point for Brits and is similar to Ministry Of Sound London – but with Ibiza’s magic.

For those who haven’t enjoyed one of your events before, what can people expect from Audiorehab?
At Audiorehab, it’s only the music that matters. The line-ups are always eclectic yet each artist comes with his own musical style and universe.

You have a strong summer line-up, who are you most looking forward to playing alongside?
I’m very happy to play with guys that I love like the Spanish German Brigante, Brazil’s Volkoder, UK’s Low Steppa, Germany’s Tapesh and my own friend Mark Radford.

AudioRehab 002

Which three tunes are you looking forward to dropping on the Ibiza crowd this summer?
I just finished a collaboration with Dakar and I’m so excited to drop the two tunes we created. I’m also looking forward to playing Sweat from John Tejada and Ride By (Ki Creighton Remix) by Rhythm Masters VS Bobby Blanco.

What was the first Ibiza dance floor you found yourself on and who was playing?
It was Space with Carl Cox on the decks 10 years ago! It was weird for me because I wasn’t yet affiliated to the underground scene ha-ha!

How does the Ibiza crowd compare to others around the club world?
There’s an unexplainable magic on this island that makes people receptive to everything. The energy and the vibe that emanate from the crowd is incomparable.

What advice would you give to young DJs/ performers looking to make their mark in Ibiza?
Never let go of your objectives because it is usually a long road. Moreover, if you focus on your international success, Ibiza will call you. Stay patient.  

AudioRehab 004

Is it still possible to make your mark on your DJ talent alone, or does the modern DJ have to be a producer too and marketer?
I really hope one can still be a DJ talent alone. But nowadays I don’t know any international DJs who tour and travel every weekend who are also not producers and marketers. I would love to only focus on music – but the reality is that one must work with managers, bookers, PRs, and social media, all of which involves marketing.

How big an impact has social media had on how you go about presenting yourself as a DJ to the outside world?
When I started Sirus Hood, I didn’t use any social media for three years (except for Soundcloud). The idea was to focus only on the music instead of pictures and lifestyle. When I started my career, everyone said it wouldn’t work, but I proved them wrong. I managed to tour around the whole world every weekend without the use of social media, which was an amazing challenge. But it was the USA that was tricky to break without social media. A lot of promoters and festivals in the US only book artists with a large number of followers on social media, so this is when I was ‘forced’ to start using it. Moreover, this lovely country has the most difficult process to obtain an artist visa and social media is a proof of notoriety to the Americans. 


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